3 Hacks For Cleaning Dress Shirts

3 Hacks For Cleaning Dress Shirts

3 Hacks For Cleaning Dress Shirts

With love and care, a high quality dress shirt can last for several years and still look sharp. 

Here's what you need to know to ensure your shirts stay fresh for a long time. 


1. "Wash & Press" is better than dry cleaning

We prefer the wash and press method over normal dry-cleaning. If this is a surprise and you normally take your shirt to the cleaners, don't worry - it's the standard method they use for shirts unless you specifically ask them to dry clean it. 

Dry cleaning solvents contain very little to no water so perspiration based dirt can be left untouched.  Washing dress shirts in water is better for removing water soluble dirt and stains from sweat.   

That said, if your dress shirt has an oil based stain on it you may have better luck getting it cleaned by a dry cleaner than in a washing machine.


2. Get a steamer

Even if you're using a cleaner to press your clothes, you might not be doing that for every wear. Many of our guys are on-the-go and pulling out an ironing board and meticulously ironing a shirt can be a hassle.

Invest in a steamer and give your shirts a quick steam before you go out the door. It only takes 30 seconds and it will make a world of a difference for both your dress and casual shirts. 


3. Avoid starch like the plague

Starch is a sophomoric move that can cause your shirts to wear our prematurely. When the chemicals get embedded in the shirt fibers, it begins to break down them over time. 

Instead, invest in quality shirting materials that will hold their shape.