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4 Signs Of A Cheap Suit

4 Signs Of A Cheap Suit

4 Signs Of A Cheap Suit

Suits are one of those things that can vary wildly in terms of quality. Not a knock on cheap suits, but it's important you understand exactly what you're buying. 

1. Fused Jacket

fused suit jacket


The internal components are glued together in a fused jacket.  

You'll see a hard-creased line on the lapels, whereas half-canvassed or fully-canvassed jackets have an elegant curve. Also, fused jackets start to bubble over time.

At Sene, our jackets are all half-canvassed, which allows us to deliver fantastic quality at a great price point.

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2. Plastic Buttons

cheap suit plastic buttons


If the buttons look cheap, they probably are. You'll know right away by the touch. 

Bullhorn buttons are generally seen as a sign of quality. Additionally, resin buttons are sometimes used to achieve a certain decorative effect.


3. Synthetic Fabric Blend

Cheap Suit Synthetic Wool Polyester Fabric Blend


 A suit that is a wool/polyester blend is not worth buying. Wool is much better at conducting heat in warm and cool weather, while polyester traps heat.

 The only time you should consider a wool blend is a performance blend (i.e. 98% wool, 2% spandex), which give a bit of stretch. But beware of cheap blends masquerading as performance blends (i.e. 50% wool, 50% polyester). 


4. Paper-like Lining

cheap suit jacket suit lining polyester


Cheap polyester linings will feel very artificial in your hands. Typically, the best linings are either viscose or silk. Viscose is generally the standard since it has the same texture as silk but is much more durable. 

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