4 Signs Of A Cheap Suit

4 Signs Of A Cheap Suit

4 Signs Of A Cheap Suit

Suits are one of those things that can vary wildly in terms of quality. Not a knock on cheap suits, but it's important you understand exactly what you're buying. 

1. Fused Jacket

fused suit jacket


The internal components are glued together in a fused jacket.  

You'll see a hard-creased line on the lapels, whereas half-canvassed or fully-canvassed jackets have an elegant curve. Also, fused jackets start to bubble over time.

At Sene, our jackets are all half-canvassed, which allows us to deliver fantastic quality at a great price point.

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2. Plastic Buttons

cheap suit plastic buttons


If the buttons look cheap, they probably are. You'll know right away by the touch. 

Bullhorn buttons are generally seen as a sign of quality. Additionally, resin buttons are sometimes used to achieve a certain decorative effect.


3. Cheap Fabric Blends

Cheap Suit Synthetic Wool Polyester Fabric Blend


In general, we are not fans of a suit that is a wool/polyester blend. If you're going to buy a wool suit, go with a premium weave that is at least Super 110s and as a high as Super 140s. Once you go above Super 140s, the weave is too fine and is not sufficiently durable.

A big misconception is that synthetics are bad across the board. The truth is there are actually high-end synthetic fabrics that are actually quite expensive to produce and perform extremely well.

At Sene, our FlexTech Suit is made with an athleisure fabric from one of the top performance mills in the world. Cheap synthetics are typically made with a single fiber and has a low-end form of mechanical stretch with terrible recovery.

Spandex is actually not great for suits, since it makes the garment much heavier and traps moisture.

Our FlexTech fabric is a bi-component yarn, made of a blend of upcycled polyester. It recovers better than other stretch fabrics, is anti-odor, anti-wrinkle and breathes well.

Beware of cheap blends masquerading as performance blends (i.e. 50% wool, 50% polyester). 

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4. Paper-like Lining

cheap suit jacket suit lining polyester


Cheap polyester linings will feel very artificial in your hands. Typically, the best linings are either viscose or silk. Viscose is generally the standard since it has the same texture as silk but is much more durable. 

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