Ask Sene: How to Dress with Tattoos
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Ask Sene: How to Dress with Tattoos

Ask Sene: How to Dress with Tattoos

Ask Sene: How to Dress with Tattoos

Q: I live in Los Angeles and like half the guys here, I have tattoos. How do I pull off a classy look, especially with patterns?

Be bold and own it. Mr. Nick Wooster, the sartorial icon and former buyer at Bergdorfs and Barneys, is one of our favorites at mixing street style with high-end tailoring.

In an interview with Mr. Porter, he describes himself as “business on top and party on the bottom” or vice versa. He says: “I’m an amalgamator, like a DJ, taking two things that don’t go together and making them go together.” Often, for example, statement garments and tattoos. However, there is a way to do this successfully. If you Google image

LA is the city of the remix, from food trucks to music. Embrace mixing signature styles with your signature tattoos. The only rule of thumb, avoid clashing tattoos and clothing patterns. For example, if you Google image Mr. Wooster, if he exposes his arms, which he certainly likes to do, he normally wears a plain shirt or T-shirt. And he goes for the bolder colors when his sleeves are covered.

If you are unlike Nick Wooster and have monochrome tattoos, you can rock whatever you like (ala David Beckham). 


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