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The Guide to Suits for Athletic Fit Builds

The Guide to Suits for Athletic Fit Builds

The Guide to Suits for Athletic Fit Builds

If you lift heavy, there's a good chance an off-the-rack suit won't fit.

Nowadays, some clothing lines are starting to have special cuts for athletic fits, but for the most part, it can be hard to get suits that fit.

If you do Crossfit or are a bodybuilder, it can seem like the fashion world is against you. And there's some truth to that - brands rely on fit models with a so-called "ideal" body type to develop their fits, and the 2-3 fit models that almost every company uses have a slender frame. Do you squat? Forget about those off-the-rack slim pants. 

That's why at Sene we generate unique digital technical patterns for each person and save it to your Fit Library. So you can still get that tailored look without ripping your pants.

Here are three small principles that make a massive visual difference:

1. Ensure the "Chest-To-Stomach" ratio matches your V shape

sene custom suit blazer crossfit los angeles

Most off-the-rack garments that fit you in the chest will be baggy in the stomach. But to get that European sophisticated look, we'll need to especially curve the chest area to the natural waist.


2. Leave room for the biceps while slimming the jacket sleeve opening

Keep the gun show comfortable by leaving sufficient room in the upper arm while slimming the sleeve cuff area to get that nice tapered silhouette.


3. Go tapered on the pants instead of a straight leg

sene custom suit pants bodybuilder cross fit los angeles

This will make a world of a difference. We achieve the effect by leaving sufficient room in the thigh area (squat-city) but tapering it more around the pant cuff opening.

Especially if you're short, leave little to no break on the pants.


Everyone deserves a good fit.

Take a look at Sene's custom suit collection and learn why Sene is leading the revolution in truly personalized sizing.


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