Top 12 Mom Jeans

Top 12 Mom Jeans

Top 12 Mom Jeans

Finding the perfect pair of Mom Jeans is not easy. Taking the risk to buy quality jeans online is especially difficult. Worry no more! We're here to help you by giving you a quick look at the best jeans with stretch for men around. We'll include some slim fit options.

We reviewed 12 choices for jeans with stretch but summarized our top 3 below. We have in-depth reviews for all 12 products below.


Overall Favorite - Sene


4.7 / 5

  • Custom made to fit you from scratch
  • Luxury Japanese stretch denim
  • Never gets stretched out
  • 60 Day Guarantee - unlimited alterations, remakes, and returns




4.65 / 5

  • Thoughtful composed styling
  • Vintage aesthetic
  • Authentic Feel


4.55 / 5

  • Made from durable stretch fabric
  • Advanced recovery


12 Best Mom Jeans (2021 Guide)

We reviewed the best brands with written reviews further down.

1. Sene
2. Agolde
3. AG
4. Madewell
5. Levi's
6. Everlane
7. Moda Operandi
8. Citizens of Humanity
9. American Eagle
10. Urban Outfitters
11. Berksha
12. Pacsun

Choose The Best Jeans With Stretch For You

As promised, here are our reviews of each brand/product in more detail.

1. Sene - Ever Jean

These pair of stretch jeans are from Sene and they are our favorite. Not only are they made from premium Japanese stretch fabric but they are also custom made to fit you. To determine your fit, take Sene's SmartFit Quiz in 60 seconds, no measuring tape needed.

Unlike the other standard sized jeans on this list, Sene's jeans are made from scratch to fit. The price point is competitive and offer superior fit and quality.

We also like the 60 Day Guarantee with unlimited remakes and alterations. And you can return it for a full refund too. Try out these jeans as a canvas for self-expression. 


2. Agolde

This is one of the best selling pairs of jeans from Agolde .We like these jeans for the quality of rigid denim as well as the button fly. Furthermore these jeans are as elegant as they are versatile making them easy to style. For the price point these jeans are at the top of our list. They are of exceptional quality, superior cut, and authentic feel.

3. AG

We love these jeans from AG. These straight leg mom jeans are made from a Static Stretch Denim presented in a luxurious grey wash. Reminiscent of 90’s high rise jeans these vintage jeans hit below the ankle. At $225, these jeans are fairly priced for their quality, cut, and quality. Take a look for yourself and seek why we rank these pair of jeans highly on our list. 

4. Madewell

These vintage-inspired light blue wash jeans will feel snug at first. After a few washes they will feel more comfortable and support ample movement. We like the color, frayed detailing, and tapered cut. Take a look for yourself and see why despite the higher than average price point, these jeans still rank higher than most.

5. Levi's

Take a look at these mom jeans from the pioneer of denim. These jeans have a laid back look with a modern spin on vintage Levi’s classics. The denim is made from a two-part blend of cotton and a sustainable soft fibre sourced from harvested wood. We applaud Levi’s for leading the charge in developing sustainable alternatives to traditional denim fabric.

6. Everlane

This slightly stretchy pair of jeans from Everlane is one of our favorites. These jeans are engineered for a better fit with a raised seem in the back that lifts as well as tightens. We also like how the front pockets are placed closer to belt line. Presented in the classic 5-pocket style at a more than fair price point, these jeans are made with environmental efficiency in mind. Based on fit, quality, value, and environmental impact, these jeans place high among our list.

7. Moda Operandi

Made from a two part blend of cotton and Lycra these jeans from Moda Operandi are sleek. We like the straight leg silhouette in this white color. These jeans are priced on the upper end for this review at $310 yet based on the strong craftsmanship and hardware we are happy to include the stylish pair of jeans in this review.

8. Citizens of Humanity

These vintage-inspired light blue wash jeans will feel snug at first. After a few washes they will feel more comfortable and support ample movement. We like the color, frayed detailing, and tapered cut. Take a look for yourself and see why despite the higher than average price point, these jeans still rank higher than most.

9. American Eagle

Take a look at these light wash mom jeans from American Eagle. Made from mid-weight denim, these jeans stretch but do not compromise on structure. These jeans maintain a vintage look and are made from a 4-part blend of cotton, modal, ellasterell-P, and elastane. AE is known for quality denim products and these jeans are no exception; even at the bargain price point.

10. Urban Outfitters

 If you are looking for a budget pair of mom jeans for a casual and relaxed look then this is the perfect pair. These jeans are cut high at the waist and fit true to size. We prefer these classic blue jeans with rolled cuffs and white sneakers. You can find this pair of jeans for a discount here.

11. Berksha

Cut loosely around thighs and tapered down the legs these jeans from Berksha are well made for the price point. These highwaisted mom jeans have your standard five-pocket styling and are made from a non-stretch denim. The denim itself is made from a organic cotton which means that it is grown with less water and no pesticides. We applaud Berksha for their ability to sustainably source the denim materials and continue to deliver this product at a fair price-point.

12. Pacsun

These mom jeans from Pacsun are unique from the rest of the pack. Designed in a cool teal color and with a relaxed fit, you will easily see why we added these pair of jeans to our list. Made from 100% cotton and sporting the classic 5 pocket style for a clean look these jeans are are priced fairly at $60.

Full List, In Order of Rankings






Ever Jean

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The Perfect Vintage Jean

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Loose Taper Crop

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The Original Cheeky Jean

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Moda Operandi

Eve Denim

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Citizens of Humanity

Liya High Rise

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American Eagle

Stretch Mom Jean

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Urban Outfitters

BDG High Waisted Mom Jean

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Organic Cotton Mom Jeans

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 Teal Mom Jeans

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The denim market is packed with many brands. We have some more options for you to check out below. 

Take a look at these mom jeans from H&M. Made from a blend of cotton and elastane these mom jeans fit snuggly and hit above the ankle. We like the slight distressed accents on the front and the high placed pockets. H&M has taken notable effort to publicize and educate their customers on their sustainability efforts. We applaud H&M for taking the lead in innovating environmentally conscious solutions while educating their customer base on their progress in a transparent matter.

These mom jeans from Forever 21 are slim fitting, slightly faded, and whiskered. Made from a blend of fabrics with the classic 5 pocket styling, these jeans are stylish. We hoped that Forever 21 would provide more transparency in their production process in regards to environmental impact.

These ripped mom jeans from Zara are made from 100% cotton are in a dark wash. What we genuinely appreciate with this pair of denim is the attention to detail. Zara has designed these jeans with a mixture of recycled and ecologically grown cotton and share tips on how to minimize the environmental impact while caring for this stylish pair of denim. At the current price point Zara has shared with us a forward-thinking article of clothing that is inclusive.

If you are looking for a pair of mom jeans in a light wash then this is a good candidate. We like the smooth taper and raw cut hems. Hollister mentions that the pair of jeans use a more environmentally conscious method of dying. Applicable to all within the clothing industry, we wish their was more transparency on how this method of dying the fabric is more ecologically ethical.

Target has leveraged their supply chain to bring to you a Fair Trade Certified pair of high rise jeans at an affordable price point. Made with at least 20% recycled polyester we are impressed with this product for the value. These jeans are fitted to offer a more sculpted look and are lightweight.

These stretch mom jeans from Cotton On are very comfortable. Made from a cotton and elastane blend these jeans are a welcome addition to any wardrobe especially at the competitive price point. If you are in the market for an extra pair of mom jeans, this pair will more than suffice.

Take a look at these mom jeans from Express. Made from a four-part blend of fabric these jeans are high waisted and are dyed for a bright blue pop of color. We like the stylish hardware, light stretch, and competitive price point. If you are in the market for a unique pair of mom jeans look no further.

If you are looking for a vintage inspired destructed pair of high rise jeans then this pair from Aeropostale is worth considering. Made from 7% recycled cotton, Aeropostale has taken positive steps to reduce the environmental impact of these jeans. Give these pair of jeans a look!

These stylish pair of mom jeans are from Boohoo. Offered at a low price point these jeans are made from 100% cotton and are cut slim. Unfortunately we do not see any actions taken to mitigate the environmental impact of these jeans. We hope to see more information regarding how these jeans were made with sustainably in mind.