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The Best Travel Suit And How To Get The Ultimate Fit

The Best Travel Suit And How To Get The Ultimate Fit

The Best Travel Suit And How To Get The Ultimate Fit

Travel suits, also known as stretch suits, are a more casual and functional version of the classic suit. Often made with a performance material, travel suits feature benefits like stretch and wrinkle-resistant technology.

However, the problem with most travel and performance suits is the quality of construction. Suits are one of the most complicated items in the world to manufacture, and travel suits typically sold cut corners on the construction, including glued components and cheap detailing hid behind the lining.

So at Sene, we were excited to combine the craftsmanship of bespoke tailoring with the comfort of athleisure. So you can have quality clothing that’s both comfortable and makes you look great. 

We took that approach to the next level, with the custom FlexTech Suit.


We're humbled by what people are saying.

Introducing the FlexTech Suit 

Most suits are uncomfortable.  "Performance suits" often are designed by athletic companies with little experience in premium tailoring.

Sene's FlexTech Suit combines the technical detailing of a $3000 bespoke suit with athleisure material from the top performance fabric mill in the world. 

And it's for both women and men

The FlexTech Suit: High-end tailoring meets radical comfort

Available at a accessible price, including free alterations, remakes, exchanges and returns: 

  •  Custom Two-Piece FlexTech Suit: $595
  •  Custom FlexTech Blazer: $430 
  •  Custom FlexTech Pants: $165
  •  Four-way stretch: Radical flexibility, making it the perfect travel suit
  •  Quick dry / moisture wicking: Spill liquid on yourself? Sweat easily? Don't worry - our moisture wicking technology will handle whatever your adventures throw at you
  •  The same quality as a $3000 bespoke suit: No corners are cut in the construction of this garment. We literally use the exact same craftsmanship applied for our high-end $3000 suits, the only difference is the FlexTech fabric
  •  Beautiful & functional: The FlexTech Suit is designed to look great across activities and lifestyles, from the office to brunch to a night out. Multiple pockets, and durable construction complete the outfit
  •  Custom fit: A few sizes do not fit all. We custom-make the fit so that you get exactly what you want, no matter what size you are

You'll find the same bespoke detailing used in a $3000 suit. Plus plenty of pockets for phone, wallet, and other goodies.

Shopping custom is risk-free with our 60 Day Fit-Guarantee

 "What happens if it doesn't fit?"

We are so confident in our process that we guarantee an amazing fit. Once you receive your FlexTech suit, try-out the fit for 60 days.

If the fit is off, remakes, alterations, exchanges and returns are free (shipping included).

The perfect travel suit: from plane to meeting, no steaming required

There's no doubt this will become your go-to when you travel. 

  •  Feel ridiculously comfortable onboard with our four-way stretch athleisure fabric
  •  Look sharp when you land with wrinkle-resistant fabric

Custom-made for real life.  

 Designed to be versatile, you can easily wear the blazer and pants separately.

Note: How long and fitted the pants are is customizable
Note: How long and fitted the pants are is customizable

 All bodies welcome. 

Because we make everything from scratch to fit, we can accommodate any body type. Whether you are petite, plus-size, lift heavy or another shape, Sene will look amazing on you and feel even more amazing as you move in them.  

How the double-breasted jacket looks, as shot by The Garment Life
How the double-breasted jacket looks, as shot by The Garment Life

Our 1-to-1 model: Only make clothing if there is someone to wear it

Fashion is the 2nd most wasteful industry in the world, with $5 billion dollars of clothing being thrown away every year. We believe the only way to solve it is to nip the problem in the bud - don't make clothes if there isn't someone to wear it.

So we make everything on-demand and custom-fit.   

For our FlexTech fabric, we created it with a Japanese mill known for fabric innovation, serving other clients such as Lululemon. More importantly, they are committed to net zero emissions, using recycled synthetics, and upholding cleaner air and water standards. 


Create your custom fit with our Smart Fit Quiz 

 (Smart Fit Quiz in action below)

 Upon completion of the campaign, you will be invited to take the Smart Fit Quiz, which is a 19 question quiz. We have a machine learning algorithm based on thousands of body measurements that we use to generate the custom fit. Below are points of customization:

Each garment is laser cut, hand-assembled and then delivered to your home 

Your garment goes through a thorough production process, and each piece is made one at a time to order. 

There are multiple quality check points across the production process to ensure the fit and craftsmanship are up-to-par.

We have three years of experience and thousands of loyal repeat customers

Ray Li and Mark Zheng are the partners behind Sene. Our mission is to use elevated design to empower people of all shapes and sizes to feel their best.  

Sene started in Ray's tiny studio apartment, confusing his doorman with why so many boxes were going out the door. Before launching Sene, Ray was running global rebrands for tech and consumer product companies. Ray started out his career with global process transformations at Deloitte Consulting.

Mark is Ray's cousin, and used to build valuation models for the healthcare industry. Mark is the brains behind Sene's smart fit algorithm and has worked with our factories to connect our patterning software with the production process.

Today their team and advisory board brings experience from places like Deloitte Consulting, Google, IDEO and Interbrand. 

Based in Los Angeles, our team has offices in the Pacific Design Center and OneCulver. If you prefer to get fitted in-person, book an appointment online with us after you purchase.

People are in love.

We are grateful for the endorsement from Victoria Hitchcock, the renowned fashion stylist to Silicon Valley billionaires

Steve Asbell, Senior Vice President of Production at 20th Century Fox

"The FlexTech suit is extraordinary! It's lightweight, breathable, and holds its shape really well. It's a perfect suit for my work week." 

Brittany Ishibashi, Star of Marvel's Runaways

"You guys know I love Sene - custom clothing, quick turnaround, great people! Well, they’re launching a Kickstarter to jumpstart new colors and styles for THIS SUIT. It’s a special fabric (#flextech) that somehow manages to be super comfortable and super chic at the same time."

Brittany Ishibashi (Star of Marvel's Runaways)
Brittany Ishibashi (Star of Marvel's Runaways)

Sterling K Brown, Emmy Award Winner for Best Actor, and star of TV Show This Is Us

Emmy Best Actor Winner Sterling K Brown (Star of This Is Us) in the Black FlexTech Suit
Emmy Best Actor Winner Sterling K Brown (Star of This Is Us) in the Black FlexTech Suit


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