Why We Desperately Need More Community In Entrepreneurship – Sene

Why We Desperately Need More Community In Entrepreneurship

Why We Desperately Need More Community In Entrepreneurship

Why We Desperately Need More Community In Entrepreneurship

Sadness over losing two of the greats within the last few days - Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. Ray's wife worked for Kate Spade before they got married and was always amazed by how wonderful the entire brand was. And of course as a foodie, Anthony Bourdain taught the mainstream to embrace different cultures and ways of life.

It's led us to reflecting on the need for greater support within the entrepreneur community. In the Inc article called "The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship", one entrepreneur describes it this way:

"It's like a man riding a lion. People think, 'This guy's brave.' And he's thinking, 'How the hell did I get on a lion, and how do I keep from getting eaten?"

We're based in LA now, but we started the company in New York. Our experience may not be representative of the community at large, but we find the LA business community to be significantly more collaborative than NY. It might be the difference in the DNA of the two cities - LA being grounded in the movie business where everyone is a freelancer going from project to project, working together to create something massive, whereas NYC is as corporate as it gets, where everyone is trying to climb the ladder and fight for their promotions. 

When Sene was getting started in NYC, every startup we respected always talked about how great things were, never showing any sign of weakness. These were incredibly brilliant people who were very successful in their own right. And so we bought into the smoke & mirrors approach, just thought that was how things go - be nice of course but protect yourself, keep your resources close, and always project a perfect image.

When we moved to LA, we were amazed how the leaders of successful LA businesses came alongside us. Brands like Parachute, Apolis, Wolf & Shepherd, and FEAT Socks.


- Right before we opened our LA flagship store, Shea from Apolis sent us all his retail store docs. He sent us his password for all his digital dashboards so we could go in and see everything. We were blown away by his transparency into his business
- When Taylor and Parker from FEAT heard we wanted to improve our Facebook Advertising, they just informed us that they were going to come over and show us everything they do
- Luke from Parachute gave us a ton of super tactical advice on digital marketing
- Justin from Wolf & Shepherd has shared so much info with us, from fundraising to HR-related policies

Getting back to the riding-the-lion analogy, we feel much better about not getting eaten when you are riding alongside some amazing men and women. 

It's changed our perspective on collaboration. The market is big enough. Let's share the struggles, let's be generous with our resources, and let's collaborate. Entrepreneurship is incredibly hard but it's also incredibly rewarding, and the journey is better with others.


- Ray + Mark