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This Family Is Taking Over Broadway, TV and Finance

This Family Is Taking Over Broadway, TV and Finance

This Family Is Taking Over Broadway, TV and Finance

What do the Newsies, the CW channel and a diversified portfolio of investments have in common?

Meet the men of the Cott family.

Many parents tremble at the thought of their children pursuing careers in the arts. Rick Cott, a seasoned investment manager, knew that there was no safer investment than in his children’s dreams.

You may recognize Corey Cott, the eldest son on the right, from Broadway marquees. He’s most known for his leading role as Jack Kelly in Disney's megahit musical "Newsies" as well as co-starring opposite Vanessa Hudgens in last season's revival of "Gigi." Corey also has a pilot (The Interestings), launching on Amazon this month, he just wrapped a BBC miniseries in April (My Mother and Other Strangers), and has numerous projects developing across film, television, and theater.

Casey Cott, his younger brother, is not going to let his older brother’s star shoot too far beyond reach. He graduated college this spring and immediately landed a starring role in CW’s Riverdale, a new TV adaptation of Archie, the generation defining comic that is making its twenty-first century TV debut.

Their sister, Carly (not shown here), is a successful Motion Picture Books/Rights assistant at CAA.

And then there’s Rick. He’s a Chief Investment Officer for a private family fund with over a billion dollars under management. But more than that he’s a dad: A gentleman whose great smile betrays an even greater wisdom. We asked his sons what his secret is.


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Corey: “Rick Cott, my dad, is the man, the myth, the legend. I can’t begin to describe how he has impacted my career, but I’ll try. He’s instilled in me principles of love, humility, confidence and hard work.

He leads our family by exemplifying these traits. The generosity and love my parents constantly share with those around them is the most inspiring thing a son can learn.

I can confidently say I am the man and the actor I am today because of the amazing example my dad has provided for my brother and sister and I.”


Casey: "Besides having an insanely classy clothing style, my dad also has an incredible sense of humor. Our family laughs a lot - mostly due to the incessant teasing of my dad.

I admire him because he is diligent, consistent, and hardworking with whatever he is involved in. The way he handles various situations in life inspires me to do the same. The words and actions of my dad have greatly influenced me in my career as an actor and also my personal life. And for all of this I am grateful!"

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Here's to all the fathers who have shaped our lives. 

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