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Mr. Tommy DiDario - Brand Strategist and Instagram Influencer #mySENE

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Tommy is quite the Renaissance man. When he’s not busy running his own social media & brand consulting company, just a sampling of DiDario’s activities include being a GQ insider and an Instagram influencer (@tommydidario).


@tommydidario Tommy DiDario instagram


How did you get started with Instagram? Why do you do it and why do you think you gained the following that you have?

I started with Instagram about a year and a half ago. I love sharing moments of my life and cultivating content in the fashion, food, fitness, travel and lifestyle categories for my followers. I think people respond to the authenticity and realness of my account - I am not just posting photos to post, but instead, sharing things I really wear, places I love traveling to, healthy food I eat, workouts I do, personal moments of my marriage, etc. I think as a social media influencer, it’s really important to not just bombard your audience with one type of content, but instead, create a conversation sparked around a real depiction of your life - to show who you are as a person and what it is you stand for.


Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you end up in New York?

I ended up in Manhattan because I went to college at NYU, fell in love with New York, and never thought about living anywhere else. I have been here for over ten years now - time goes too fast! I grew up in Central New Jersey so I fell in love with the city at a young age.


What do you do outside of Instagram?

I run my own consulting company, working with brands in the fashion, restaurant, beauty, and lifestyle industries. I also work with GQ as a GQ Insider, partnering up with the magazine to produce content and write for different brands. I do some acting work as well and have been involved in the entertainment industry for years. I’m also a big advocate in the LGBT community, and have been doing a lot of hosting in the last year (I’ll be hosting the Trevor Project’s Fall Event, hope to see you there!) I also have a YouTube channel that I produce weekly content for! I like to stay busy :)


What are your favorite places to hang in New York?

I love hanging out anywhere that has delicious food and a relaxed atmosphere. The days are so busy that I really value intimate time with loved ones, catching up and enjoying a great meal.


What’s something people who only know you thru Instagram would be surprised to know?

I can be very serious and focused - especially when it comes to my work, but I am also a major goofball and will do anything for a laugh! I also have a screenplay that I am working towards seeing on the big screen one day!


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