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Mr. Brian Cason - Social Media Guru + Photographer

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Brian (@briancason) has his hands deep in social media, both with his large personal following as well as managing the community at Moment. Hailing from the South, he immediately found New York to be home.


brian cason moment @briancason


How did you get started with Instagram? Why do you do it and why do you think you gained the following that you have?

I adopted Instagram fairly early on using it just like everyone else, sharing photos of random things. Early on I think we were all just figuring it out because it was such a new platform. As time progressed it helped me fall back in love with photography. I used it as a means to connect with people when traveling and really develop myself creatively. The following I gained happened naturally at first by connecting with a lot of people when I traveled and eventually Instagram added me to their Suggested User list which placed my profile in front of a lot of new people for a couple of weeks.


Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you end up in New York?

I came to New York in February of this year. Last year I was living in the South working a job I loved and doing everyday life with people I loved, but still had an overwhelming sense that there was something more for me. Having always been drawn to living in a big city and falling in love with New York from recent travels I knew it would be the best place for me to venture out into a new season to grow and challenge myself.


What do you do outside of Instagram?

Traveling has always been a big part of my life. I love to visit new places, see new things, try new foods and just experience culture whether it's in the States or abroad. Instagram has been a cool accompaniment to traveling, but even if you took it away you'd probably still find me sitting at a cafe while visiting a new city in my free time.


What are your favorite places to hang in New York?

My favorite spots to hang in New York are around the West Village or Nolita. I love the variety of food, coffee shops, and overall "neighborhood" feel they both can provide.


What’s something people who only know you thru Instagram would be surprised to know?

People who only follow me online might be surprised to find out what an introvert I am. Instagram is a great place to show the "highlights" of life and I often post about my travels or fun things I do in my everyday life but the reality is you'd be just as likely to find me at home on the couch with a slice of pizza and Netflix because alone time is something I value and really need in order to recharge.


Follow Brian at @briancason


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