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Mr. Casey Cott - Television Meets Comics

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Casey Cott is starring in CW’s Riverdale, a new TV adaptation of Archie, the generation defining comic that is making its twenty-first century TV debut. Casey now is on the road quite a bit between Vancouver (where he shoots) and NYC (where he lives).  

casey cott @caseycott archie riverdale


How did you get started with acting? Why do you do it and how do you think you've gained the success that you have?

I started acting when I was a sophomore in high school. Both my siblings were going to be in the high school musical for sure and my mom really wanted us all three to be in it. I told her there was absolutely no shot of me participating in "Oklahoma" the musical. She then offered my 50 dollars and I decided it was worth the shot! My first paying gig! I would credit my success to a strong sense of determination combined with exceptional guidance. I have had the privilege to work with a large amount of wise industry professionals for the past five-six years and they have been wonderful to me. I call them my mentors! I will always be thankful for the actors and professors who believed and me and constantly push me to be the best actor/person I can be.


Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you end up in NYC?

So I currently am in Vancouver, Canada shooting Riverdale which premiers on the CW in January...before that I moved to New York in June after graduating from Carnegie Mellon University where I studied acting! I had always known post graduation I wanted to move to New York over LA due to my family being in NYC and my thought that the theater is where my career would start! Little did I know out of my senior showcase I would be cast in a television show!


What's the highlight of your career?

I think I have two highlights of my career right now. First of the day I was cast in Riverdale and shooting the pilot was one of the most exciting things. I was so exhausted from showcase that I went home post my audition for Kevin and called my agents to tell them I thought had done terribly...after no sleep for two nights I guess my intuition was WAY off haha. I got a call that night that I had been cast and that was it! Getting into Carnegie Mellon was another highlight. CMU was my dream ever since my brother had attended and I didn't get in my first try. After two years at other schools I wanted to audition one more time and thankfully I did because they decided to let me in know for some reason! :)


What do you do for fun?

I LOVE going out to eat or drinks with friends. I love a solid brunch or meal to catch up. Also a big coffee person . Also also Netflix is my best friend on my days off in Vancouver.



casey cott @caseycott archie riverdale cw


What are your favorite places to hang in NYC?

My girlfriend and I are huge foodies...Jean-George is at the top of our list. We get so excited to go to abc kitchen or our under the table favorite splurge (5 napkin burger)...I think I'm known amongst my friends as the one trying to rally the group to get together.

Bryant Park is one of my favorite spots, I love Harem Public/The Wallace up in Harlem as well. Sometimes in the summer we will head over to my brother/sister in laws apartment and have a fun roof session. I love those as well! They also have my favorite dog of all time so that may push the roof into my favorite spot. If I had to choose one place to meet a group of friends for a night out it would be The Hudson Common though. I think that spot is just the coolest.


What’s something people who only know you through your work/Insta would be surprised to know?

Something people who follow me on Instagram would be surprised at what a huge sports fan I am...the people I work with are WELL AWARE haha. I am the only person in our core cast that cares about sports and every time I bring up the baseball playoffs or football Sunday they kind of mutter "cool man" under their Breath! Haha My ideal Sunday would include a nice rainy afternoon while watching football and inhaling a whopping order of Buffalo wings.


Follow Casey at @caseycott


casey cott @caseycott archie riverdale









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