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Mr. Dan Spiegel - Making Fantasy Sports Great Again

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At any place he's worked, Dan Spiegel is always the center of attention. But not through self-aggrandizement, he's just comfortable in his own skin and makes everyone feel fantastic. 

Dan is the head of brand at FanDuel, the fantasy sports brand that mostly recently raised $270 million in financing. Formerly Dan was a director at Interbrand and worked with the CEOs of companies like UPS on their global rebrands.


dan spiegel fanduel brand


How did you get started with branding? With FanDuel? 

I've been a big sports fan my whole life and had always wanted to work in sports. When an opportunity to combine my love of sports with my marketing experience, it was a no brainer.


Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you end up in NYC?

I grew up in Long Island and went to college in Boston. After college I moved back to NY and got an apartment in the city. I've been ever since with the exception of one year I spent abroad getting my Master's Degree.


What's the highlight of your career?

A few months into working at FanDuel, I was working on a deal with the NY Knicks and had the chance to meet my childhood idle John Starks. A few months later, we were doing an event with Larry Johnson and he and I did the LJ arm sign to each other. Most highlights of my life have something to do with either the 1994 or 1999 Knicks.


What do you do for fun?

I have a 9 month old son who I am training to shoot on a 10 inch high rim. That is by far the most fun thing I do.


dan spiegel fanduel brand


What are your favorite places to hang in NYC?

I live in Bushwick and we just got a brand new brewery called KCBC. They have awesome beer and it's a cool spot. Beyond that, I love going to Prospect Park with my family.


What’s something people who only know you through your work would be surprised to know?

I can dunk.







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