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Mr. Eric Wertz - Brooklyn Family Man Turned Instagram Influencer

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Eric never set out to be an Instagram influencer (@bluecollarprep). But his wife, who was in the fashion industry, encouraged him to use fashion blogging as a creative outlet. Today, every single shoot Eric does is shot by his wife!


@bluecollarprep Eric Wertz GQ Insider


How did you get started with Instagram? Why do you do it and why do you think you gained the following that you have?

I started on a suggestion from my wife, who is in the fashion industry. She works with mommy bloggers and thought I'd be a good fit as a fashionable daddy blogger. I do it because I'm an electrician during my day job (which I don't really have a passion for) and this is kind of my outlet for me to express myself, utilize my creativity and bond with people who share similar interests. It's actually also a great way for my wife and I to bond, since she's my photographer!


Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you end up in New York?

I was born and raised in Brooklyn. When I was 15, I moved about an hour north of the city, which is roughly the same area where I live with my family now.


@bluecollarprep Eric Wertz GQ Insider


What do you do outside of Instagram?

I spend time with my family. Right now we're trying to do as much traveling as possible. We like to stay active, explore new places (my son loves hiking), skiing in the winter, we just started taking up golf this summer, BBQing by our pool, going out dancing with my wife, and trying new foods...anything and everything!


What are your favorite places to hang in New York?

I don't really have one specific spot. I love to shop, so anywhere I can do that. Any restaurants with unique dishes on their menu, and if they have outdoor's a plus! I dig a bar that has crafty cocktails and hard cider (because that's my wife and I's drink of choice).


What’s something people who only know you thru Instagram would be surprised to know?

The most obvious would be that my day job is an electrician. Also, I'm 36 and have been told I don't look it (which is always nice to hear!).



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@bluecollarprep Eric Wertz GQ Insider


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