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Mr. Jeremy Jacobowitz - Food TV Producer Turned Brunch Boy

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At La Pecora Bianca

Who doesn't love brunch? It's a critical part of the NYC way of life. 

Jeremy Jacobowitz, a former food TV producer and worked with the likes of Bobby Flay. He dabbled in brunch videos in his spare time under the name Brunch Boys. He never expected it to blow up and become what he does full-time.


Jeremy Jacobowitz Bobby Flay @brunchboys food brunch
At La Pecora Bianca


How did you get started with Brunch Boys? Why do you do it and how do you think you've gained the success that you have?

Brunch Boys started as a fun side project about 2 and half years ago. There was no thought that it would become my career, or even that it would be a food Instagram.

Before I started running Brunch Boys full-time, I was a food tv producer and always freelanced. So the original idea was that between gigs I would make brunch videos, and only started the Instagram so I could own the name Brunch Boys across all social media platforms.

There are a lot of reasons for Brunch Boys' success, but a lot of it has to do with being brunch-themed - everybody loves brunch and people can easily relate to it. The other thing is really being able to stand out in the crowd. There are a million food Instagrams, and a ton of food focused content outlets, and my background in food and TV have helped me distinguish myself from others out there.


Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you end up in NYC?

I was born here, and have never lived anywhere else! Born in Brooklyn, grew up in Westchester, and went to NYU! After working in sports TV for a few years, I needed a change and ended up working on food shows.

I started from the bottom in food tv, but was incredibly lucky to work with Bobby Flay on one of my first shows, and then he hired me to be assistant on set. After working with him for a few years, I then transitioned into producing, which I did for a few years, before leaving TV a year ago to work on Brunch Boys full time.


What's the highlight of your career?

Thats really hard to answer, because there have been so many amazing things happen, and a lot of other really cool things in the works. Id rather always be looking forward. We are relaunching the website, upping the amount of original video content, and Im also doing more on camera stuff for other publications, so a lot more highlights are coming!


What do you do for fun?

I'm very lucky that my job is what I do for fun! But besides food I'm also a TV junkie and love working out. So when I'm not working, I'm doing either of those things.


What are your favorite places to hang in NYC?

I'm always all over the place! Usually you can find me in LES, East Village, but I also live right near Central Park, and love going for runs there.


What’s something people who only know you through your work/Insta would be surprised to know?

The question I get over and over again is how do I eat all this food and stay in shape. Yes, I taste everything, no I can't possibly eat all of it.

But about 6 years ago I lost over 100 lbs, so being to be careful with what i eat, and trying to have balance in my diet is something I'm very used to.


Jeremy Jacobowitz Bobby Flay @brunchboys food brunch
At La Pecora Bianca







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