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Mr. Tony Trahan - Football Meets Fashion

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After playing College Football at Rutgers and Texas Tech, Tony moved back to his hometown of Dallas. Besides exhibiting sartorial excellence on @tonytrahan, he’s a model with a marketing day job. As if that isn’t enough, Tony is a weekly volunteer with a non-profit his family started. Talk about a heart of gold!


tony trahan @tony_trahan instagram


How did you get started with Instagram? Why do you do it and why do you think you gained the following that you have?

I got started what seems like a long long time ago, just posting pictures with friends, of my life, dogs, etc. It changed quite a bit when everyone all at once seemingly started posting male models everywhere. I started to get reposted on a bunch of accounts and started really tailoring my posts towards that. It was a really impersonal Instagram, I felt like I could only post a certain way.


About 6 months ago, I realized that I was posting what everyone wanted me to post, shirtless pictures, and not what I wanted to post. While that gained me a great following, that’s not the brand I wanted to be. Over the past half-year it’s really been about me taking my Instagram back, becoming an influencer and blogging on menswear and more of my life! It’s been incredibly rewarding and free-ing, working with a TON of great brands such as SENE and being able to travel because of it.


Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you end up in Dallas?

I moved to Dallas when I was 8, my parents moved down and felt like Dallas was a good place to live. It has wound being such a great home, I love living in the South. Most people living on the coasts frown upon Dallas until they get there, and they soon fall in love with the place. I certainly love traveling away to New York or the West Coast but it does seem like Dallas is home.


What do you do outside of Instagram?

I actually work full-time at a marketing firm Lime Media in Dallas, which runs all kinds of mobile tours for huge brands such as McDonald’s, Samsung, Nordstrom and tons of others. It’s so fun and challenging, it gives me the perfect amount of balance between modeling/blogging and a real job. And I have an incredible boss who lets me leave for a lot of things regarding the former so that has been the biggest blessing while blogging.


What are your favorite places to hang in New York and Dallas?

I absolutely love the City. Every time I’m up there it always feels too short, and I’m planning my next trip back seemingly on the plane ride home. SOHO is one of the coolest areas in the City, La Colombe is great for coffee, and Balthazar is killer for brunch or lunch. Dallas has a ton of places, my girlfriend and I love trying out all of the different coffee spots, (we really love Magnolias Sous Le Pont for lavender latte’s) and Klyde Warren Park is always a fun little park to go hangout at right downtown in the heart of the city.


What’s something people who only know you thru Instagram would be surprised to know?

I actually was able to play college football at Rutgers and then Texas Tech, playing Tight End/Wide Receiver. It’s quite funny coming from the world of one of the manliest worlds/sports you can play, to a place in the fashion world that many men consider to be “metro” or feminine if you dress well. I think men have it all wrong… we need a swift departure back to the days where men care about the way they look, and take pride in it. There are a lot of incredible brands out there like SENE making it easy for men everywhere to dress impeccably well at a reasonable price. It’s just a matter of them jumping two feet in and say “I want to take better pride in the way I look.”


Follow Tony at @tony_trahan.



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