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The Inclusivity Project - Clothing For All Humankind

The Inclusivity Project - Clothing For All Humankind

The Inclusivity Project - Clothing For All Humankind

In a world where it almost feels like an exclusive group of perfectly shaped people can only look the best, we want to change the narrative to be about the people rather than an ideal image. The clothes fit you, not the other way around.

Today we're excited to share the Inclusivity Project, featuring real people with real world custom product - for inspiration and celebration. 

inclusivity custom clothing female women plus size

Left: Leigh Shane (entrepreneur and investor)
Wearing the District Blazer, Oversized Tee (not released yet)

Middle: Jasmine Harrison (eco-fashion)
Wearing the Beck Short Sleeve Shirt, Bomber Jacket (not released yet), and Studio Jogger

Right: Angie Scarlett (hospitality)
Wearing the Chelsea Trenchcoat and Oversized Tee (not released yet) 

men custom clothing inclusivity suit trouser shirt

Left: Edward Espinosa (fashion + pr)
Wearing the Edo Trouser 

Right: Michael Gillham (set production)
Wearing the Soho Suit and Line Shirt


Here's Some Real Talk

Traditional fashion companies make their clothing based on a very narrow idea of a perfect body - typically a slim caucasian male or female. But even a few sizes don't fit all, and certainly don't account for the broad diversity of shapes, sizes and ethnic makeups. 

There are serious systemic issues embedded in the fashion industry with so-called "standard sizes". What is standard anyway? Why are you limited to wearing brands that fit your body? Why can't you choose the style and then have the brand make it fit the way you want? 


Getting After "Equal Sizing Opportunity"

Equality matters but it is overlooked in fashion. The idea behind Sene was born out of our very own frustration with the fit of clothing. Shirts that fit in the shoulder were too baggy in the torso, suit jackets were too long, pants that were slim were too tight in the butt, and we just accepted that.

We would see how good the clothes looked in images with perfect looking models, but be disappointed with how it looked on our own bodies. With Sene, we became committed to changing that narrative so that fit would be an afterthought, and the quality of product would be our focus.

 sene custom clothing squad men suits shirts pants los angeles

From left to right:

Edward Espinosa wearing his Soho Suit + Spread Shirt

Leigh Shane wearing her Shawl Tuxedo Jacket + Beck Shirt

Michael Gillham wearing his Field Jacket in Camo Cotton, Pure White Tee, and Studio Jogger

Jasmine Harrison wearing her Ford Blazer, Pure White Tee and Studio Jogger

Angie Scarlett wearing her Montmartre Coat and Oversized Tee (not released yet)


This project was shot by Matty Chatburn.


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