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The Challenge With “Suitable”

We originally chose the name “Suitable” with the idea of “suitable for you”, something that was appropriate and right for any individual. But often, people see “Suitable” as a play on words for suits.


But for our customers who know us well, they first associate the brand with modern design, and fit is just a connective thread that runs through the collection.


As we continue to design a line of essentials, ranging from casualwear to formalwear, “Suitable” has proven to be too superficial a name that over-emphasizes fit and requires extra explanation.


We’re not interested in being another custom shop – we’re combining thoughtful design with a one-to-one production process.



So what’s in a name?


In the 1920s, Gestalt psychologist Wolfgang Köhler wanted to test the idea that words convey symbolic ideas beyond their meaning. So he asked a group of respondents to decide which of the two shapes below was a maluma and which was a takete:

If you’re like the vast majority of respondents, you think malumas are soft and rounded (like the shape on the left), whereas taketes are sharp and jagged (like that on the right). As Köhler showed, even the sound of names carry meaning that may shape the way you perceive something.



Our new name: SENE 


We fell in love with SENE pretty quickly.


It is tonally simple. It immediately feels familiar even though it’s new.


It is visually elegant. There’s a beautiful symmetry in the characters from whatever direction you look at it.


It suggests context, or people’s “scenes”. Our clothes have always been designed for the context in which people live, to be both beautiful and functional. But it is also crafted from scratch for each individual’s most important context – their body.



As we launch our new brand, we don’t want to make it about us. We’re highlighting the amazing contexts that our community live, breathe, work and play in.


Learn more about #mySENE.


Photography: Brent Chua / Model: Dmitry Brylev

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