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Studio Tee Dress

Studio Tee Dress

Custom made for $85
or 4 interest-free  payments of $21

Product Details

Custom-Made To Fit In The US

This product is cut from scratch in the USA with world-class materials to get you the precise fit you want. From order to delivery, the estimated lead time is 5-7 business days.

Free Alterations, Remakes & Returns

It usually fits just right the first time but if it doesn't, we'll remake it until it does. And if you changed your mind? Return it for store credit or exchange it for another style/color. Return shipping is free too.

Studio Tee Dress

Custom made for $85
or 4 interest-free  payments of $21

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Product Details

Custom-Made To Fit

This product is cut from scratch with world-class materials to get you the precise look you want. From order to delivery, the estimated lead time is 5-7 days, which is well worth the wait for something that you'll have for a while.

100% Free Alterations & Remakes

It usually fits just right the first time but if it doesn't, we'll remake it until it does. And if you changed your mind? Return it for store credit or exchange it for another style/color. Return shipping is free too.

Our Risk-Free Guarantee

It’s pretty simple. Try one of our custom styles. We guarantee a perfect fit.

We send it. You try it on. If it doesn’t fit perfectly (it usually does), let us know what needs to change and return the item. We’ll alter or remake your first item for free and save a new size on your profile for convenient reordering.

If you change your mind, return it for gift credit or exchange it for another item.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the Home Fitting Box work?

From the Home Fitting Box selection page, you can pick three styles to try on at home! The selection of each style is not based on fabric at this point in time. We will send you samples based on the sizing information that you provide. The sizing information will provide us guidance for which samples we should send you. If the samples you try on at home are too tight or too loose, have no fear! We make all of our garments from scratch and we’re able to measure adjustments to the sample that you try on in order to create your unique fit.

  • Do I pay for shipping for the Home Fitting Box?

We will ship the box to you free of charge and include a return shipping label.

  • What if I want a different cut than what I see in the photos?

That's exactly why we exist. Do you prefer a straighter fit? A trimmer fit? Shorter or longer? Since we're cutting it from scratch, we can do exactly what you like!

  • What if I have different lengths for my limbs?

That's perfectly fine. We're able to create differing sleeve lengths, leg lengths, and wrist sizes. We recommend coming into the LA flagship store for a personalized fitting so we can take care of you.

  • Is there a size limit for how big or small you can make it?

We believe in inclusive sizing, so we welcome people of all shapes and sizes. Unlike many fashion labels that carry a narrow size range, we exist to serve you no matter what size you are.

  • What happens if my clothing doesn't fit?

Not to worry, we will take care of you to get you the fit you want!

Within the first 30 days of receiving your clothing you can contact us and share feedback about the fit. We'll hop on a Virtual Fit review or have you come in the store to do one in-person, and then assess what the next steps are.

Any alterations are 100% covered by us. If you're not in the LA area and don't want to ship your garment back to us, you can also visit you local tailor within the first 14 days of receiving your clothing. Send us the receipt from that alteration and we will refund you the tailor's costs.

If we need to do a complete remake you are still 100% covered within that first 30 day time period. After 30 days we will still offer alterations for an additional fee, but we will not comp you tailor's fees or be able to remake your garment(s).

  • What's the difference between Sene and traditional custom clothing makers?

It is 1) our tech-enabled method and 2) our design.

METHOD: First, we calibrate you in sample size garments associated with a digital shape. How many times have you tried something on in another store and wished the length was a little longer or thought that the shoulders were a little too boxy? With Sene we can take care of all of those areas of concern from the beginning because we compare how the sample fits against your desires for the perfect cut.

The process to get measured doesn't take a long and our team is more than happy to walk you through the everything from fit to fabric recommendations.

DESIGN: We design quarterly collections with modern styles that you can wear on weekdays, wedding days and Saturdays.

  • How do I get fitted?

There are a few different ways to get fitted for our clothing. Here's the step-by-step process:

1) Shop our styles and add the styles you're interested in to cart

2) You can select a method of getting fitted for each style in the cart.

3) After selecting a method of fitting, you can purchase! Don't worry about next steps. Once your purchase comes through, we'll follow up with you for the method of fitting that you chose. If after purchasing, you're confused, please feel free to email us at! We'll respond within the hour.

Methods of fitting:

a) Smart Size quiz. Got clothes that you fit you great already? You can indicate what brands fit you already and any adjustments you'd like to make with our smart size quiz! This is our quickest way of getting fitted and most accurate since we are basing your new Sene fit profile on something that fits you already!

b) Send us your clothes! We'll provide you a shipping label and you'll be able to ship us your clothes that fit already so that we can match your Sene fit to it!

c) Virtual Fitting. We can send a fit sample with a measuring tape to you to calibrate your unique fit over video chat. This will require a friend to help out, but no measuring experience is needed!

d) You can schedule an appointment in-store to get fitted. Schedule an appointment on our "Visit" page!

  • Shouldn't I select a size before adding to cart?

You would think so, right? Not here with Sene.

We don't take a standard size off-the-rack and make alterations on it. Instead we are creating a unique custom cut just for you and literally cutting your order from scratch to fit.

  • Are you altering an existing garment?

Nope! We are making your custom garment to order. Literally it didn't exist before you ordered and you will be the first person to own it and love it. That's why it will fit better than all your off-the-rack clothing. 

  • How do I get fitted once I have the Home Fitting Box?

You can schedule a virtual fitting at: Make sure you have a friend with you! No measuring experience required. The fitting is complimentary with the box, and we save your fit to an internal profile. Once the fitting is complete, we will save your fit to an internal Sene profile to match to any order you make in the future.

  • Can I make changes to my order?

You have until 8PM PST the same day of your order to email changes to your customization options to Once it is past 8PM PST the day of your order, you will not be able to make changes. Orders cannot be cancelled once purchased.