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Our Brand Evolution

A note from CEO Ray Li

Why We're Evolving

Our brand is so different than when we launched on Kickstarter in May 2019. We are now in many categories - from denim, t-shirts, and all sorts of athleisure.

More importantly, our brand aesthetic and voice has become much more bold and confident. Yet our logo felt timid.

Practically, there was too much space (i.e. tracking) between the different letters, which made visibility hard on smaller screen sizes.  

To make our logo and identity best represent where we're going, we knew it was time for a change.

A Collaboration With Greg Lutze

We're excited to share that Greg Lutze, an artist, creative director and co-founder of VSCO, joins Sene as an advisor. VSCO has been dear to our hearts and a huge inspiration in making creativity accessible to everyone. The refresh was a collaboration between Sene and Greg, who was an incredible creative partner in the process.
We first connected with Greg when he discovered us when Sene was part of the inaugural cohort for Gold House's Gold Rush accelerator. Greg started as a customer and quickly became a friend. Since we first connected, Greg started working with us to explore how we could push our brand identity to do more justice to our story.

Behind The Scenes