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We are building a global apparel service
with the economics of a software business

  • Zero

    Capital-efficient, only making a garment if there is someone there to wear it

  • Iterative Product Development

    Instant product updates instead of mass-producing designs and needing to sell-through first before making changes

  • Software & Data

    Our SmartFit platform is proprietary IP that becomes increasingly difficult to compete with as our dataset grows and data science matures

  • Ecosystem

    Sticky effect of one central location for saved digital fit, instead of fragmented fit experience across unrelated brands

The world is ready for a more personal clothing experience

  • Contemporary and Modern Custom Clothing}
  • Contemporary and Modern Custom Clothing
  • Contemporary and Modern Custom Clothing

It might seem like a luxury to have a made-to-measure wardrobe, but LA-based Sene proves us wrong.

This is how people will shop for clothes in the future.

As the lines between casualwear and formalwear continue to blur, categories as disparate as athleisure and suiting are coming together in surprising ways.