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The Try-On Box

Select 3 products to try-on for 5 days, with the option to get virtually measured during that period. Only spend $5 to cover part of shipping, and get a $5 credit toward your next custom order.

Contemporary and Modern Custom Clothing

Pick Three Products

Anything you want. We'll send them in your standard size.

Contemporary and Modern Custom Clothing

Try-On At Home

Receive standard size samples a few days later. The specific fabric may vary from the photo you select.

Contemporary and Modern Custom Clothing

Get Calibrated Over Videochat

All three garments have a digital technical pattern associated with it. Schedule a Virtual Fitting to create a truly personalized fit over videochat and save it to your profile.

Contemporary and Modern Custom Clothing

Order What You Like, When You Like

Your fit is now saved! Drop the fit samples in the mail your free return label, and order your custom Sene garments when you're ready. The perfect fit will show up 1-3 weeks later. 100% fit guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is the service?
  • This isn’t a subscription right?
  • Is there any obligation to buy?
  • Do I keep the sampler items?

You only pay $5 to cover part of shipping, plus we give you a $5 gift card.

This is indeed not a subscription. Order sampler kits whenever you want to get sized for the first time, or see new styles we launch.

No pressure at all. If you would like any of the styles to be custom-made for you, you can place an order online.

We custom-make each garment for each client, so you would place an order with us while returning the sampler items using the prepaid return shipping label.

This is the start of something amazing

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