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[Archive] Soho FlexTech Jogger

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How The Archive Sample Sale Works

We have standard size fit samples at the end of each season. This means you can get fresh clothing at an incredible price. These items are final sale. We can alter them if needed for an additional cost.

100% Free Alterations & Remakes

It usually fits just right the first time but if it doesn't, we'll remake it until it does. And if you changed your mind? Return it for 100% money back or exchange it for another style/color. Return shipping is free too.


What we make

Create your custom fit with our Smart Fit Quiz

Take the easy quiz with questions you already know the answers to. We have a machine learning algorithm based on thousands of body measurements that we use to generate the custom fit.

How we produce clothing

Each garment is laser cut, hand-assembled and then delivered to your home

Your garment goes through a thorough production process, and each piece is made one at a time to order.

There are multiple quality check points across the production process to ensure the fit and craftsmanship are up-to-par.

What we make

Our 1-to-1 model: Only make clothing if there is someone to wear it

Fashion is the 2nd most wasteful industry in the world, with $5 billion dollars of clothing being thrown away every year. We believe the only way to solve it is to nip the problem in the bud - don't make clothes if there isn't someone to wear it.

So we make everything on-demand and custom-fit.

For our FlexTech fabric, we created it with a Japanese mill known for fabric innovation, serving other clients such as Lululemon. More importantly, they are committed to net zero emissions, using recycled synthetics, and upholding cleaner air and water standards.

  • Business Insider
  • LA Times
  • forbes

"I took the Smart Fit quiz from this LA-based startup and got a $595 custom suit that is nothing short of amazing."

"The FlexTech Suit is crazy comfortable... a fabric typically used for athleisurewear is now the foundation of a custom suit by Los Angeles label Sene."

"Move over Theory, this Los Angeles brand is transforming suiting."

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