Scoop Neck Tee Kit – Sene
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Scoop Neck Tee Kit
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  • Scoop Neck Tee Kit

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Scoop Neck Tee Kit
Scoop Neck Tee Kit

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Contemporary and Modern Custom Clothing

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if my clothing doesn't fit?

Not to worry, we will take care of you to get you the fit you want!

Within the first 14 days of receiving your clothing you can contact us and share feedback about the fit. We'll hop on a Virtual Fit review or have you come in the store to do one in-person, and then assess what the next steps are.

Any alterations are 100% covered by us. If you're not in the LA area and don't want to ship your garment back to us, you can also visit you local tailor within the first 14 days of receiving your clothing. Send us the receipt from that alteration and we will refund you the tailor's costs.

If we need to do a complete remake you are still 100% covered within that first 14 day time period. After 14 days we will still offer alterations, but we will not comp you tailor's fees or be able to remake your garment(s).

  • Do I need measurement experience to do the Virtual Fitting?

No! The great thing about Sene is that we will walk you through each step patiently. By using samples to calibrate you we have a better chance at accuracy and it is simple to walk you through it even over Virtual Fitting. All you need are the samples, measuring tape, and shoulder slope in your kit along with a friend and you will be all set.

  • What's the difference between Sene and traditional custom clothing makers?

It is 1) our tech-enabled method and 2) our design.

METHOD: First, we calibrate you in sample size garments associated with a digital shape. How many times have you tried something on in another store and wished the length was a little longer or thought that the shoulders were a little too boxy? With Sene we can take care of all of those areas of concern from the beginning because we compare how the sample fits against your desires for the perfect cut.

The process to get measured doesn't take a long and our team is more than happy to walk you through the everything from fit to fabric recommendations.

DESIGN: We design quarterly collections with modern styles that you can wear on weekdays, wedding days and Saturdays.