All-day comfort

Your FlexTech fabric is born at the world's leading performance fabric mill based in Japan. They've been working with luxury athleisure brands since 1926.

Four Way Stretch

Doesn't get stretched out


Farewell dry cleaner. Hello convenience.

Innovative Comfort

Dual-core weave for durability and structured drape

Cold Wash, Hang Dry | Do Not Dry Clean Or Iron


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"I took the Smart Fit quiz from this LA-based startup and got a $595 custom suit that is nothing short of amazing."

What does custom mean with Sene?

Every order is made-from-scratch as part of our 1-to-1 fashion model where we only make clothing if there is someone there to wear it. 

Once you input your size info, we laser cut and hand-assemble each piece and ship it to you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Thomas Barth
Exceptional Quality

Amazed at these pants.

William Su
Perfect at every inch

I received my pants a month after I ordered it and I have to say that the weight was worth it. The pants fit perfectly based on the personalization quiz and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. The material is amazing, this definitely blows lululemon out of the waters. The signature bands on the thigh make the pants stand out and it's actually stitched on rather than printed on like some other companies would have done it. Can't wait for Sene to start putting out more products in different colors.


The way they translate quiz responses into perfect-fitting apparel is actual sorcery. I have trouble buying and even getting tailored pants that are cute, comfortable, and compliant with my shape. Sene's FlexTech Jogger nailed it. They hit every mark, fit exquisitely the first time, and look terrific. I'm thrilled. And you, too, can be thrilled; buy them for yourself. Like, right now.

Jeff Bratton

Having short legs and a small waist, it’s hard to find pants that fit the way I want them to. These joggers are literally the best I’ve ever bought. I wear them too often.

Scott Astrada
Why would you put a hook and eye clasp on these!?

I love the jeans i got along side the joggers. Excellent!

But, an otherwise great pair of joggers was ruined for me with the hook and eye clasp- it made me feel like i was wearing dress pants on the top and sweats on the bottom. I cant see myself ever wearing these joggers

Soho FlexTech Jogger