How To Take Photos For Your Fit Review

You are one step away from perfecting your fit.

Casual Clothing

Take Front, Side, And Back Photos

Help us help you by taking clear front, side, and back photos of you wearing your custom Sene clothes.
Videos are welcome too!

Casual Clothing
If You're Reviewing A Suit

Take Pant Only Photos

Make sure you also provide photos of you wearing the pants only with the blazer removed

Casual Clothing

Avoid These Mistakes

  • Do not raise your arms to your side
  • Do not bend your elbows
  • Do not take selfies
  • Do not take mirror selfies
Casual Clothing

Make Sure You Have Good Lighting

The most common error we encounter is backlighting. Make sure the light is shining on you, not behind you.

Casual Clothing

Nail The Distance And Angle

Don't take photos from the bird's eye view or take photos from a distance where you can't make out the fabric details.

Casual Clothing

Keep The Background Clean

Avoid cluttered backgrounds, it can make it hard to see the photos.

Casual Clothing

It's All In How You Frame It

Your iPhone works great. If you can't have someone take a photo, set it on a stool with a timer to get the right angle. Don't place the phone on the ground, it will distort the shot.

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