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Yo! Bad ass jeans

Thank you for these awesome threads ! The workmanship is spot on and they will only get better with age (like me :)

Air Jeans
Matt Kabliska
Ever Jean

I am 6-4 with a 36x36 waist and inseam. I have tried many different jeans. The current style of jeans are short waisted and I am not a fan. It is hard to find my size in any stylish jeans. I was happy with the pair that I ordered, but thought they could fit a little better so they are redoing them. The process was easy to have them try again and I am sending the others back postage paid. I am happy they stand behind getting the for perfect. Once that happens I will order more from them.

Soho FlexTech Suit
Dan Paterno
Love it!

I love having a custom suit made. It fits great and is so easy to take care of. No more dry cleaning bills. Can't wait to get my 4th one!

Soho FlexTech Suit
Joel Hardin
It could not have fit more perfectly

Right out of the box and now instantly my go-to daily wear suit, as well as for long distance travel-ready contingency. How they figured this fit algorithm out is beyond me.

Soho FlexTech Pants Review

Overall, I am satisfied with the pants and the assistance from Sene. The pants are fitted, very comfortable and look great, all at the same time. I want to purchase a pair of jeans from Sene as well.

Air Skinny Jeans
Laura Arbo
So fast!

Mine fit great! I'm pretty surprised, actually! I love them!

Incredible fit and quality

These jeans are really well made and fit like a glove. In fact, they fit better than some $200+ jeans.

Air Skinny Jeans
Lauren Melendez
Fantastic fit I could never find anywhere else.

It finally happened. I have jeans that fit. The knee holes are actually on my knees. The length is what I’ve always wanted. The waist fits and my thighs fit which is a miracle in its self. Sene is an absolute gift to folks like me who struggle to find the right fit for my body type.

Soho FlexTech Suit
Connor Hogan

Incredible fit

Waiting for re-make request response

I am still waiting for a response to my re-make request.

Air Jeans
Tara Lemma
My partner’s absolute favorite jeans!!

My partner can never find jeans that fit right and he’d given up on trying. I took his measurements and ordered a pair of Sene jeans and they fit perfectly! And he says they’re as comfortable as his sweatpants. He said they were the best gift anyone has ever given him. I can’t speak highly enough of Sene and will definitely be ordering again!

Air Slim Straight Jeans
Tiffany Wolnitzek
Great jeans!

My jeans fit perfectly! They are very soft and unique.

Air Skinny Jeans
Jodi Goodman

Best fit. Perfect length. Will order again

Air Skinny Jeans
Jamie Holstein

Love them! The fit is so good.

Love my Emma jeans

I've never had a pair of jeans that were so perfect for me!! I love them .. I can't wait to order another pair from Sene!

Air Skinny Jeans
Blake kohler

Perfect fit! I love Emma. I am a peloton rider with her and bought to support her and absolutely love them. Can’t wait to purchase another pair.

My fav pair

These are so comfortable! It’s the first pair of jeans that doesn’t need altering in the waist area. Love love love them. I’ve ordered another pair!

Best jeans ever

I love my jeans! They fit perfectly and I love that the “size” is just my name.

Air Mom Jeans

Soho FlexTech Suit
SJ Tannenbaum
Black FlexTech Suit Review

Suit fits amazing all over! Great buy and HIGHLY recommend!


How do they do it? These jeans fit me so well, and I didn’t even give my measurements. I love the dark wash and the ankle length is perfect and on trend.

Air Jeans
Robert L WITT


The most comfortable fit and sharpest looking suit I have ever owned. It fit like a glove right out of the box too. I have received numerous compliments from strangers.

peloton emma !

Love my new jeans and only ordered them because of Emma and I’m glad I did ! They fit perfectly and love the feel of them soft! I will purchase different styles in the future !

Air Jeans
Paul Traub