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Only suit I’ve worn this year.

The year is still young, but it’s been my go to!

Soho FlexTech Pants Review

Overall, I am satisfied with the pants and the assistance from Sene. The pants are fitted, very comfortable and look great, all at the same time. I want to purchase a pair of jeans from Sene as well.

Great jeans!

These are the most comfortable jeans I have ever owned. Fit perfectly. I wouldn't change a thing!

No alterations needed

Second Sene FlexTech Suit. This one had it nailed! No alterations were needed and it fits great! Thanks, Sene!


Not the same fit as the previous order


These jeans were exactly what I was looking for. I’ve struggled to find a comfortable skinny jean that would fit properly without spending a lot of time and money on tailoring. These were perfect out of the box. Soft, comfortable fabric. Will be buying more for sure.

Perfect fit !!

The only way to buy jeans

Jacket fits super well, except...

The jacket is as advertised. A bit of modern stretch, fit and form. It fits super well everywhere with no alterations needed except in arm length, but, i think i gave the wrong request there.

Jeans were great!

I really liked the jean material and I must say the waist size was spot-on. I did have to get them altered ultimately but Sene took care of the reimbursement for the alterations after some following-up with them. I will definitely order from them again once I return to the office and normal social life next year. I look forward to ordering one of their suits.

Awesome gift

I was able to take a video together with my son's childhood pet and put it in a gift card for a pair of jeans! How awesome is that? He will love it for sure!

I lurv it!

I have always been thinking to include videos on my digi gift cards during Christmas as I find it so personal and thoughtful! Thank you for this initiative Sene! <3 <3

Easy to gift

I was at a loss for what to get this year. I can't see close family now because of quarantine, so I loved getting to gift my dad some Sene this way. I know once travel starts back up,t hat flextech suit is going to be great for him. i made al ittle video with my 3 year old daughter for him, i know he's going to love it!


This is nice. I'm made a special video collage for my wife this year, she's done such an amazing job with our kids in the midst of this pandemic and she's been wanting stuff from your site

Roasted My Brother

My brother is a heavy lifter and his jeans never fit. He loved the video I sent him poking fun at his OWN thunder thighs


This is super creative!!! I just did this to my sister who I won't be able to see for the holidays! I did the emial one, but for my husband, I'm gonna choose the Ship To Me option so I can put it under the tree!

This is like Cameo but with substance

I've been noodling on what to buy for the holidays. Nice job Sene team, innovative idea again!

Loads of fun

I got this for my dad and he loved it! My daughter and I made a little birthday wish video for him!

So fun. Got some great laughs out of this from my brother

Thanks guys, this is definitely a fun little thing

Look well

Best stylish shirt with all bells& whistles

Mercer Shirt

Very happy with the fit and feel- I just ordered the shirt in two other colors.

Love the pants. The jacket... not so much. What can you do

I love my suit. The pants are insane. I love the material, the fit, the look, everything. And i like the look of the jacket. The fit is mostly right. And it doesn’t matter all that much bc the material is stretchy. I have a decent body and it looks good. The one thing i don’t like is the shoulders. No padding line a regular suit (and i have many). Is that because i ordered it that way or is that how you do it. It would look better and wear better with a more traditional look. Can you help?

wedding suit

arrived on well....

Amazing Quality

Obviously, the full customization of the suit is preferred. But when money is tight, this deal CANNOT be beat. Amazing quality!

Soho FlexTech Suit

Best Jean ever

I’m super pleased with these jeans. Fit is perfect, of course. Super comfortable and worth every penny paid.