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Love this suit. Purchased the three piece and black shirt for my Halloween costume this year. Fit is incredible, though a little tighter than I'm used to. Machine washable is certainly a bonus! Looking forward to adding another Sene three piece to my wardrobe.

I love my suit.

I actually bought another one in a different color along with a dress shirt. The fit is amazing. I'm lean, but muscular and wanted a suit that fits tight. I love the way it looks and it is beyond comfortable. No joke, I even shoveled the drive wearing the suit. Can't say enough great things about the look, style and fit.

Soho FlexTech Suit
Donovan Tampinco
Love my suit but please be patient!

I ordered my first suit, Italian Blue, in May 2023. I was going to a destination wedding in August and didn’t want to bring a “real” suit. I received it and had to adjust the pants. I loved the color and the fit.

I decided to order the grey suit in late June 2023. I was really hoping I would be able to get both to travel with. Alas, it didn’t work out, it came while I was on my trip after an adjustment.

I still got to rock the Italian Blue. Well worth it and love it, just be prepared to be patient if you want it to fit just right. Excited to see more cool colors down the line. 😁

Soho FlexTech Suit
Jeffrey Wen
I almost broke out in tears

I never post reviews; never. Let alone, posting myself in public. The fit of this suit exceeds all my expectations for formal clothes.

Knowing that this suit fit me perfectly right out of the box gave me a sense of joy that I've never had in formal clothing.

I will continue to purchase from Sene!

Soho FlexTech Suit
Victor Cobos, M.D.
Sene in Greece

I bought this suit for an upcoming trip to Greece. Packed it in a carry on. Almost wrinkle free.but that was easily remedied. The suit fit perfectly and was so comfortable. Will wear this often as a suit, or mix and match with other pants/blazers.

Soho FlexTech Suit
Maurice Bell
Amazing Suit

This was the right suit for me to wear to a retirement party held at a Chicago Bulls game while retiring from a sports brand. The custom fit was 100% spot on and allowed for any and all movement at the function. The look, feel and fit brought many compliments all night. I HIGHLY recommend this suit!! You can’t beat the price or the customization.

Mercer Shirt
Joel Hardin
Shirt suitable for a trip around the world

I packed one white dress shirt for my recent trip around the world. Paired with my black and powder blue Soho FlexTech suits, it made appearances in Manila, Ho Chi Minh City, Doha and San Francisco before unpacking for a wash back home in Atlanta. Highly recommend.

Sample Soho FlexTech Blazer - Light Stone
Zeus Moncivais
I took advantage of the huge sample sale

On the sample sale, I acquired 7 suits in all different colors. After several weeks and more than $400 dollars in alterations from my local Taylor.
I am extremely happy to report that I could not be happier with the amount of money that I saved in all these suits.
The most advance fabric, extremely comfortable, very stylish, in all the cool colors, they are worth every dolar even if purchased at full price (and I have.)

My most sincere gratitude to the Sene Team !

Air Jeans
Colin dougherty

As a fellow short king, it’s close to impossible to find jeans that fit me well and also don’t make me look wider/short. These jeans are FANTASTIC, they also give me a little stretch in the waist in case dessert is on the menu for tonight. I cannot say enough great things about them.


Suit fits like a glove.

Pants fit perfectly the first time.

Jacket had to be remade 3 times (mostly due to how picky I am) but I never had any issues with contacting Sene and remakes and delivery were never excessive.

I’ve already ordered 2 more and plan to order others in the near future.

Repeat customer

So I bought my first suit from Sene in the throes of the pandemic —more as a hopeful purchase that someday I’d go somewhere fun again. The first iteration of the suit was not satisfactory but the redo was nearly perfect (I had it tweaked a little locally). I got the chance to wear it most recently on a Mediterranean cruise for their “ formal “ night. It packed great , fit perfectly and looked “on point “. I recently ordered a second in another color. And the GREAT thing is that Sene saved the measurements on my previous redo, so the second suit I ordered fits exactly as it should . 😊

Air Slim Straight Jeans
Erica Gonzalez

Was sort of nervous to order these without properly trying them on first, but I’m impressed with them right out of the bag! They are super comfy and fit beautifully.

Soho FlexTech Suit
Nicholas K.
Excellent excellent excellent

Very comfortable, modern fit. Sharp looking suit. No adjustments needed, suit is now a regular wear. Well done Sene team.

Air Mom Jeans (Placeholder)

I ordered the air mom jeans and after having them altered once I ABSOLUTELY LOVE them! I have been wearing leggings for years because I have an hour glass shape and never liked the gapping jeans had around my waist. I was pleasantly surprised when I sent them in for alteration that they allowed me to change the color to venice blue which I thought suited that style of jean more. I have had these for several months now. I tumble dry low after washing and they have held up well. I currently have the slim straight jeans on order in another color. Based off this pair I plan on buying so many pairs moving forward! They are a bit pricey but totally worth it for me since I had previously given up on jeans as a whole. The fabric is a bit thinner than other jeans I've had in the past which makes them more stretchy and comfortable (I will even lounge in the house in these) but do show underwear lines a little easier.

Air Skinny Jeans
Shreya Gupta
Air Skinny Jeans

Love the fit - it perfect!

Air Mom Jeans
Karin mulligan

I waited 6 weeks for my mom jeans. Felt like a long time but worth the wait! Fit me amazing right out of the package! Exactly what I was hoping for! I can wear several times without washing and the material does not stretch out. Quality is beautiful and will be my go to denim going forward!

Air Mom Jeans
Rachel Pielach
Perfect fit!

These are the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn. The material is light weight and keeps you cool. It moves with your body and does not stretch out by the end of the day like some other high end jeans I have purchased. The mom air jean is the perfect spring/summer jean.

Love the feel and stretch. Sadly a bit see through.

Overall a great shirt. Still waiting on it to be retailored and sent back to me.

Air Skinny Jeans
Sene X Emma

I absolutely love my new Sene X Emma jeans!!! They are beyond my expectations for style and fit!! Can’t wait to order another pair soon!

Air Mom Jeans
Absolutely obsessed

I love Sene. They remade these for me because the original didn't fit and I can't say enough how much I love them!

Do not be afraid to order with them! Customer service is amazing and these jeans are butter soft

As someone newly post partum, I couldn't find jeans anywhere, and these not only fit, but they fit so cute!

Air Slim Straight Jeans
Tricia Armenta

These jeans fit like a glove and make me feel so great! The process was easy and I could not be more happy with the end result!
The holes are perfectly placed, the waist hugs flush without digging in or bagging out, the ankles are at the exact right height and circumference. So amazing!

Air Mom Jeans (Placeholder)

These are my favorite jeans EVER! The fit is amazing and they’re so comfortable. And the pockets are so deep!

Air Loose Straight Jeans (Placeholder)
Amelia Courtney
Love these jeans!

I am never comfortable in jeans. These are perfect. I love them and they feel great. Perfect fit and I even forget I’m wearing jeans. Me teenage daughters even loved them too! Thank you so much. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Air Slim Straight Jeans
Alison Finn
The best jeans ever (literally)

I hemmed and hawed over getting these, and I am SO glad I decided to take the plunge. I don’t think I’ll ever wear any other denim. They are literally the perfect fit and incredibly flattering. They didn’t look like my typical denim purchases (and I get a lot!) when I opened them, and literally, I have been buying the wrong denim my whole life. Lifelong customer here!

Air Slim Straight Jeans
Nancy Dugan
Love my Emma jeans

I've never had a pair of jeans that were so perfect for me!! I love them .. I can't wait to order another pair from Sene!

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