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Customer Reviews

At Sene, we're dedicated to offering the best possible service. But don't just take our word for it, see for yourself why people switch from mass-produced clothing to Sene.

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Ever Jean - Men
Matt Kabliska
Ever Jean

I am 6-4 with a 36x36 waist and inseam. I have tried many different jeans. The current style of jeans are short waisted and I am not a fan. It is hard to find my size in any stylish jeans. I was happy with the pair that I ordered, but thought they could fit a little better so they are redoing them. The process was easy to have them try again and I am sending the others back postage paid. I am happy they stand behind getting the for perfect. Once that happens I will order more from them.

Soho FlexTech Suit
Dan Paterno
Love it!

I love having a custom suit made. It fits great and is so easy to take care of. No more dry cleaning bills. Can't wait to get my 4th one!

Soho FlexTech Suit
Joel Hardin
It could not have fit more perfectly

Right out of the box and now instantly my go-to daily wear suit, as well as for long distance travel-ready contingency. How they figured this fit algorithm out is beyond me.

Soho FlexTech Pants Review

Overall, I am satisfied with the pants and the assistance from Sene. The pants are fitted, very comfortable and look great, all at the same time. I want to purchase a pair of jeans from Sene as well.

Ever Jean Skinny
Laura Arbo
So fast!

Mine fit great! I'm pretty surprised, actually! I love them!

Soho FlexTech Suit

New jeans

Fit very well after being washed

Ever Jean - Men
Brad Anderson-Smith
I wouldn’t know. They were stolen.

Within 30 minutes of the USPS dumping the 2 packages with jeans in them in my building’s lobby, someone stole them! They left the empty boxes and paper laying around. This isn’t Sene’s fault, but I can’t review what I didn’t get. Over $300 lost.

Hi Brad! We are really sorry for what you had to go through, mail theft is really stressful! We are more than happy to remake the jeans for you at no extra cost as our way of saying thank you for working together with us for the perfect fit! :)

Mercer Shirt
Howard L Schrott
Go to lightweight shirt of summer

Any product from Sene starts with their custom fit. We needed one re-cut to get it just right and it was done with no problems. The shirt, itself, is a great summer weight shirt. It’s light but doesn’t just hang and droop on you like most thin fabrics…and it’s not see-through. Would definitely order again.

Ever Jean Skinny
valerie tripi
perfect jeans!

This is my 2nd pair of Ever Skinnies and I love them both -- never had jeans that fit me like this. Happy!!

Ever Jean - Men
John Duda
Great fit.

So nice to know that your jeans will fit just the way you like them without needing to know the difference between a 505, 510, or is it a 511?!

Ever Jean - Men
Mark Saba

Nice fabric, color, and pretty good fit. The waist was a bit loose on me.


The way they translate quiz responses into perfect-fitting apparel is actual sorcery. I have trouble buying and even getting tailored pants that are cute, comfortable, and compliant with my shape. Sene's FlexTech Jogger nailed it. They hit every mark, fit exquisitely the first time, and look terrific. I'm thrilled. And you, too, can be thrilled; buy them for yourself. Like, right now.

Completely Happy !

First Sene jean , I have bought and won’t be the last !!

Soho FlexTech Pant
Anthonie C.
My new favorite pants!

My review is a bit over a month after receiving my FlexTech Pants. This was my first time ordering made-to-order clothing online. I was looking for something more comfortable and breathable than jeans, but still versatile. I genuinely felt a bit worried about how the pants would fit, even with filling out the Smart Fit questions. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised with how well they fit me! Finding pants off the rack is a struggle due to how difficult it is to find something that fits me perfectly. Sene nailed exactly what I was hoping for! The fabric and quality is truly top notch. The fit doesn’t hug my thighs too tightly like skinny jeans, while the inseam turned out to be the length I had envisioned. I actually feel super confident wearing these pants with so many outfits due to the versatility. I love them so much that I'll likely get another pair in the future! I did contact Sene before making my purchase just to get some advice on what to choose based on my preferences of fit, and the team is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and supportive! Thank you, Sene!

Great jeans

Not much to say other than they fit perfect, look great and were shipped quickly. Great product and great jeans.

Soho FlexTech Suit
Philip Berry
Great Fit

I was very pleased with the fit of the suit. Given the way you do measurements, I wasn’t sure it would work but it did. I also appreciate the customer service notifications and shipping.

Ever Jean - Men
Donald Ransdell

Ever Jean - Men

Spread Shirt
Brian Cuttone
Great Shirt

Great feel; love to wear it.

Ever Jean - Men
Brian Stokes
My tailor is very displeased with you

I’m 5’5” so finding jeans that fit is tough. They just don’t fit off the rack, and I always have to get them tailored. Even then, the proportions are just not quite right for my stature. When I discovered Sene, I knew I had to order a pair and try them out. I ordered my first jeans and it took a while to nail the fit, but after 3 tries we got it. I immediately ordered 2 more pair. I like them so much, I rarely wear my other jeans anymore. I’m about to just replace all my jeans. I’ll be trying out the suits next. Thanks!!

Ever Jean - Men
Alex Akselrod
Amazing Jeans

Really nice jeans, the questionnaire to get your right fit actually worked great. The jeans fit very well. The quality of the jeans is great, they are stretchy and the materials feel premium.

Soho FlexTech Suit
Brian Cuttone

Love it. Thank you

Great Service | Average Fit

While the service was truly outstanding on refit - the denim pants don’t fit like I would have expected - their good...was expecting great

Soho FlexTech Suit
George Meyers
Soho FlexTech Suit

Treat yourself, spend the money. This suit is 100 percent worth it and is literally the most comfortable suit I’ve ever owned. Also, the sizing system they use is amazing!!!! I will be buying two more suits to go with the suit and 3 shirts I already purchased.

Soho FlexTech Jogger
Jeff Bratton

Having short legs and a small waist, it’s hard to find pants that fit the way I want them to. These joggers are literally the best I’ve ever bought. I wear them too often.