Meet sizeless denim designed with a CrossFit Champion

100% guaranteed you'll fall in love with your jeans. Free returns if you don't.

"Sene's custom-fit approach is heralded as a way to be inclusive"

"Meet the Los-Angeles-based sizeless brand created by a group of fashion, tech and brand experts"

"I was amazed. They fit like a glove! As someone who normally rips off her jeans, I was also surprised to see that I could work from home in this pair all day long with zero discomfort."

"The next generation of denim is here"

How Sene Works

Take SmartFit Quiz in 60 sec


We'll ask in-depth questions about your typical fit issues to generate a one-of-a-kind fit. No measuring or scanning needed.

We Cut It To Order


We make your jeans to order from scratch and they will ship to you in two weeks.

Review & Refine


95% of women get the perfect fit out of the box. But if you need changes, share feedback with your dedicated Fit Specialist and we'll remake it for free.

Customize it to be perfect for your shape

Kelsey is 5'9" and between sizes 2-4

Alysa is 5'2" and in-between sizes 10-12

Gem is 5'0" and between sizes 2-4

Averi is 5'6" and between sizes 14-16

Sophia is 5'5" and in-between sizes 0-2

Air Straight Jeans in Sur Blue

Moe is 5'8" and in-between sizes 0-2

Air Straight Jeans in Sur Blue

Faye is 5'9" and in-between sizes 14-16

Air Straight Jeans in Gray Sea

Piya is 6'0" and between sizes 4-6

Air Straight Jeans in Sur Blue

Get the perfect fit that complements your curves

Sophia - 5 ft 2 in


Priscilla - 6 ft 2 in


Moe - 5 ft 5 in


200,000+ People Have Created Their Unique Fit

"I have bigger thighs (thanks to years of rowing and biking) and have never been able to find jeans that fit. These are perfect! I will be wearing them every day- and I'm not exaggerating! I've been wearing them every day since I got them. Perfect length and so light weight. Thanks for the perfect shorts!"

Molly Eldridge
5 ft 7 in

"I’ve tried on all the garments. They fit fantastic! Shocking well, actually. I’m impressed. Could you please send the other garments I ordered ASAP? No need for any alterations."

Jean Z.
5 ft 2 in

" I just wanted to write and let you know that I recently purchased a pair of Sene jeans. I love them. They are the first pair of jeans that have fit me in the waist as well as the thighs. I have more developed quads from working out and a small waist. Buying jeans, and any pair of pants, is always a challenge to get something to fit in my quads. Thank you, thank you! I look forward to buying my next pair. Also, trying to get my son to purchase a suit given what a good experience that I have had. Thank you Sene. "

Christine Hayward
5 ft 5 in

Join the sizeless clothing conversation

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

CrossFit Champion

Samantha O'Bracht


Toni Livers

Personal Trainer

Emma Lovewell

Peloton Instructor

Johanna Case

Documentary Photographer

Cathy Nguyen



To create your dream jeans using the highest quality and most sustainable denim

The Highest Quality Denim In The World

We work with a legendary Japanese denim mill, used by luxury brands like Prada and Acne Studios




What happens if it doesn't fit?

Introducing Sene's Perfect Fit Guarantee.


95% of people get the perfect fit out of the box. But since we know ordering custom can be scary, we give you 30 days to test drive the denim.


If the fit isn't perfect, you just text photos of the fit issues to us and we will remake a brand new pair from scratch for you. And then you get another 30 days to try out the new fit when it arrives.


If you still don't like it, return it back for a full refund.


That's how much we believe in our process. We can't wait to get you in something amazing.

Transform your wardrobe with sizeless denim