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Product Details

Made To Order

As part of our 1-to-1 model, we only make clothes if there is someone there to wear it. We will ship items within 8-13 business days of purchase and you will be notified upon shipment.

100% Free Alterations & Remakes

It usually fits just right the first time but if it doesn't, we'll remake it until it does. And if you changed your mind? Return it for 100% money back or exchange it for another style/color. Return shipping is free too.

Made from scratch to fit you

As part of our 1-to-1 model, we only make clothes if there is someone there to wear it. Items are cut & sewn in 6 business days and arrives in 2+ weeks.

  • Custom-made for


    Shoulder: 18 in
    Shoulder: 45.8 in
    Stomach: 40.3 in
    Back Length: 29.1 in
    Sleeve: 24.2 in
    Waist: 34.5 in
    Seat: 41.7 in
    Thigh: 24.5 in
    Knee: 16.7 in
    Outseam: 38.6 in

  • Custom-made for


    Shoulder: 18.1 in
    Chest: 40.6 in
    Stomach: 35.8 in
    Back Length: 29.7 in
    Sleeve: 26.4 in
    Waist: 34 in
    Seat: 40.9 in
    Thigh: 25 in
    Knee: 17.7 in
    Outseam: 41.5 in

  • Custom-made for


    Shoulder: 18.1 in
    Chest: 40.6 in
    Stomach: 35.8 in
    Back Length: 29.7 in
    Sleeve: 26.4 in
    Waist: 34 in
    Seat: 40.9 in
    Thigh: 25 in
    Knee: 17.7 in
    Outseam: 41.5 in

All-day comfort

Your FlexTech fabric is born at the world's leading performance fabric mill based in Japan. They've been working with luxury athleisure brands since 1926.

Four Way Stretch

Doesn't get stretched out


Farewell dry cleaner. Hello convenience.

Innovative Comfort

Dual-core weave for durability and structured drape

Cold Wash, Hang Dry | Do Not Dry Clean Or Iron


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Welcome To The New Standard

Expect more from your suits. We can't wait to delight you.

  • Business Insider
  • LA Times
  • forbes

"I took the Smart Fit quiz from this LA-based startup and got a $595 custom suit that is nothing short of amazing."

"The FlexTech Suit is crazy comfortable... a fabric typically used for athleisurewear is now the foundation of a custom suit by Los Angeles label Sene."

"Move over Theory, this Los Angeles brand is transforming suiting."

What does custom mean with Sene?

  • Are you altering standard size clothes or making it from scratch?

Every order is made-from-scratch as part of our 1-to-1 fashion model where we only make clothing if there is someone there to wear it. 

Once you input your size info, we laser cut and hand-assemble each piece and ship it to you.

  • Do I need a measuring tape?

Nope! All it takes is 60 seconds to take our SmartFit Quiz.

We use data science and our database of 100,000+ measurements to generate a unique one-of-a-kind size for you.

  • How sustainable are you?

Fashion is one of the most wasteful industries in the world. The biggest problem is over-production.

Our 1-to-1 model ensures that no garment is made unless there is someone there to wear it.

We also work with the best mills in the world. Specifically, our Japanese denim is dyed in such a way where the water is recycled so clean you can drink it.

  • What if it doesn't fit?

We want to make the best fitting clothes you've ever owned.

Your order is covered by our 60 Day Guarantee. If it doesn't fit out of the box, you get unlimited remakes & alterations until it's perfect.

Plus once you get your adjusted garment, you have another 60 days to evaluate the fit!

And you can return your garment at any time in the 60 day window for a full refund.

  • How do alterations and remakes work?

We cover any and all changes you need for your order. You can either send us pictures/videos and our Fit Specialists will determine whether an alteration or remake is needed.

If it's a remake, we'll make it from scratch for you while you send back your current garment.

If it's an alteration, you'll mail back your garment for our in-house tailors to alter or we'll reimburse you for local alterations.

  • Can I return or exchange my order?

Investing money in custom clothing can be scary. That's why we allow a full return for 100% money back and the ability to exchange your order even if it's just because you don't like the fabric.

  • What are the care instructions for my custom Sene clothes?

FlexTech: Cold wash or hang dry. Steam it if necessary. Do not dry clean or iron.

BreezeTech: Cold wash and hang dry. Iron or steam if needed.

Denim: Cold wash and hang dry.

  • Are things like rise and length customizable?

Yes! Not only is it custom-made for your body, it's also cut from scratch for your preferences. So get it as long as you like, as fitted as you like, etc.

  • How inclusive are your sizes?

Welcome to the most size inclusive line out there.

Whatever your body, shape, or size, we're excited to take care of you here.

That's because each garment is one-of-a-kind and made from scratch for you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 180 reviews
Dan Paterno
Love it!

I love having a custom suit made. It fits great and is so easy to take care of. No more dry cleaning bills. Can't wait to get my 4th one!

Joel Hardin
It could not have fit more perfectly

Right out of the box and now instantly my go-to daily wear suit, as well as for long distance travel-ready contingency. How they figured this fit algorithm out is beyond me.

John K
Soho FlexTech Pants Review

Overall, I am satisfied with the pants and the assistance from Sene. The pants are fitted, very comfortable and look great, all at the same time. I want to purchase a pair of jeans from Sene as well.

Connor Hogan

Incredible fit

Gaz Jones
Waiting for re-make request response

I am still waiting for a response to my re-make request.

Customer Reviews

Based on 180 reviews