Effortless Style Starts Here

New sizeless styles made with athleisure comfort

The perfect fit everyday.

Our bodies are too diverse for the standard size system.

Now you can get sizeless clothing made with technical fabrics that is perfect for life on the go.

Better for each of us.

And better for the environment.

Over 200,000 people have created their unique sizeless fit

Step 1
Take Our SmartFit Quiz

You don't need a measuring tape. We use data science to create your one-of-a-kind size.

Step 2
We Make It From Scratch For You

Each garment is hand-crafted specifically for you.

Step 3
Arrives Quickly

Your garment is sewn and ships straight to your door.

Step 4
Guaranteed Fit

If it's not a perfect fit, we’ll alter or remake your order for free – guaranteed.

Our Perfect Fit Guarantee

If your fit is not perfect out of the box, we will remake the garment from scratch to make sure it is.

Free remakes until the fit is perfect

One-on-one service from Fit Specialists

Full refund if you still don't like it

Sene's custom-fit approach is heralded as a way to be inclusive.

Using their SmartFit quiz, all pieces are handcrafted to fit your measurements and unique body type