The 12 Reasons You Haven't Bought From Us...Yet

12. What If The Fit Isn't Right When I Get It?

We have you covered.

We get that you might be unsure about buying something custom over the internet. That's why we have you covered with a 100% Fit Guarantee. If your garments needs alterations or a remake, we'll do it in on the house. Just let us know within 14 days of delivery, and we'll take care of you.


11. What If I Don't Like The Fabric?

You have 60 days to test drive the garment.

You can always return it for 100% money back, shipping included.


10. What If I Plan On Losing Weight?

Unless you'll lose 20+ pounds, you actually don't need to wait.

There's a misconception that custom = skin-tight. But it's really just about getting a fit that flatters you. Think about the current clothes in your closet, they generally still fit as you fluctuate in weight.


9. Is Custom Clothing Really Necessary?

It used to be a luxury. But no more.

Custom clothing used to take too long and cost too much. Through tech-enabled laser cutting and smarter production methods, we can make the clothing in 1/3 of the industry time with significantly more accuracy. That means it's quicker and more cost-efficient for you.

Don't settle for clothes that look so-so. Go for a minimal wardrobe where every garment is your go-to. And part of that is getting a great fit made with premium materials. 


8. How Sustainable Is Your Production? 

This is the second most sustainable clothing option, next to being naked.

Fashion is the second most wasteful industry in the world. This is because the traditional industry mass-produces a bunch of sizes across a number of colorways. At the end of the season, there is always waste.

Some brands do their best to limit the amount of pollution through reselling their clothing or using less harmful materials, but at the end of the day the vast majority of waste is unavoidable.

At Sene, we don't make a piece of clothing unless we know there is someone to wear it and love it. We believe the only way to solve the crisis is through fixing the fundamental nature of the supply chain.


7. What Sets You Apart From Other Custom Clothing Companies?

We've pioneered a better fit system and have countless customers rating us 5 stars.

At the end of the day, the question is will you look and feel your best?

We developed our SmartFit system after testing every type of fit technology. Instead of relying on body measurements, we developed try-on samples linked to a digital technical shape (or "pattern"). You try it on in-store or at home, and we use it to gauge your preferences on fit. 

This is radically different than using body measurements - two people can have the same body but one person may like a streetwear fit while the other person wants a classic Italian fit. And it may be hard for you to provide feedback on fit until you are actually wearing the garment.

Also unlike other custom clothiers, we do the work of designing elevated styles to make it easy for you to shop. Because sometimes less is more.

Afterward, we laser cut the shape, hand-assemble it, and hand deliver it to your door.

sene customer reviews


6. What If My Purchase Isn't Protected?

We understand this is a big transaction, so we've set up every safeguard.

We have made the customer experience our number one priority here at Sene and want to assure you this will be an easy, safe order. We keep our customers' information completely secure and promise not to overwhelm you with emails. Lastly, our customer experience team is standing by ready to help you with anything you need, anytime.

If you use our monthly payment plan option, we use Affirm, which is the leading financing option available. 


5. Is It A Lot Of Work To Get Sized? 

No joke, it can be as quick as 30 seconds.

Take our SmartFit Quiz for yourself :) 


4. How Custom Is It Really? 

The design is modern and the fit is uniquely yours.

It's the same level of precision as bespoke clothing. We are even affecting things like shoulder slope, stomach shape, butt shape, etc to generate your custom size.


3. What If I Want To Buy But Don't Have Time To Get Sized?  

It only takes 60 seconds to take the SmartFit Quiz. 


2. Will you Save My Fit For Ordering Again? 

Your fit is saved to your profile for easy re-ordering.

You know that frustration of loving how a shirt from one season but the next season the fit has changed? With Sene, we save your unique fit to your profile online so that you can re-order whenever you want.


1. How Do I Get Started? 

You choose the option that's best for you.

OPTION 1 (Recommended):
Take our SmartFit Quiz to generate your custom size. No measuring tape or experience needed.

Or if you are in Los Angeles, schedule a visit to our Fitting Outpost. 






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