13 Best Men's Slim Fit Jeans (2024 Guide)

Finding the perfect pair of slim fit jeans are hard. Taking the risk to buy quality jeans online is especially difficult. Worry no more! We're here to help you by giving you a quick look at the best slim fit jeans for men around. 

We reviewed 13 choices for jeans but summarized our top 3 below. We have in-depth reviews for all 13 products below.


Overall Favorite - Sene

best jeans with stretch mens sene custom bespoke


4.7 / 5

  • Custom made to fit you from scratch
  • Luxury Japanese stretch denim
  • Advanced recovery
  • Perfect Fit Guarantee - unlimited alterations, remakes, and returns
  • 10% off first order with code "newjeans10"

Calvin Klein




4.4 / 5

  • Tapered athletic fit
  • Soft fabric with stretch
  • Unique dark blue color


4.3 / 5

  • Dark indigo wash
  • Blended stretch fabric
  • Lightweight


13 Best Jeans With Stretch For Men (2024 Guide)

We reviewed the best brands with written reviews further down.

1. Sene 
2. Calvin Klein 
3. Rag & Bone
4. Everlane 
5. 7 For All Mankind 
6. Luckybrand 
7. Diesel 
8. Levi's 
9. Banana Republic
10. Madewell 
11. American Eagle 
12. Joe's Jeans 
13. Gap

Choose The Best Slim-Fit Jeans For You

As promised, here are our reviews of each brand/product in more detail.

1. Sene - AirJean

best jeans with stretch for mens sene custom

These pair of slim fit jeans are from Sene and they are our favorite. Not only are they made from premium Japanese stretch fabric but they are also custom made to fit you. To determine your fit, take Sene's SmartFit Quiz in 60 seconds, no measuring tape needed.

Unlike the other standard sized jeans on this list, Sene's jeans are made from scratch to fit. The price point is competitive and offer superior fit and quality.

We also like the Perfect Fit Guarantee with unlimited remakes and alterations. And you can return it for a full refund too. Try out these jeans as a canvas for self-expression. 


2. Calvin Klein - Slim Fit Osaka Jeans

Over the decades Calvin Klein has made their mark in denim. Take a look at these dark Osaka slim fit jeans and you can quickly see why they catch our eye. Made with the classic 5-pocket styling they are great for all casual occasions and daily wear. We are particularly fond of the color and the fit of these jeans.We believe these are one of the best dark blue jeans you can find from the category defining brand.

3. Rag & Bone - Slim Fit Dark Indigo Aero Stretch Jeans

Rag & Bone has created this pair of slim fit jeans in dark indigo and it is one of our favorites. These Italian stretch jeans are soft to the touch, lightweight, and cool. The unique color is showcased on the blended cotton, model, polyester, and elastane fabric which supports movement. Take our word for it and in the off chance you are not impressed, let us know.

4. Everlane - The Slim Fit Jean

These slim fit jeans from Everlane are one of our favorites in this list. Made from a premium Japanese stretch denim with a tapered cut, and a regular rise, these jeans are stylish. We like to see these slim fit jeans in the Sand color showcased above. We applaud Everlane for creating these jeans in a factory that recycles 98% of their water used in the denim creation process as well as powering this process with renewable energy. Through this commitment, Everyone has been able to reduce carbon emissions in their production process by 80%.

5. 7 For All Mankind - Airweft Paxtyn Skinny

Check out these lightweight jeans from 7 For All Mankind. They are lightweight due to the hollow denim fibers that these jeans are composed of. These fibers do not compromise on tensile strength and can still be relied upon for excellent durability. Made from premium Japanese denim and hollow fibers, it is evident that 7 For All Mankind continues to deliver creative solutions to problems that we have grown accustomed to. These slim fit jeans also feature fading in certain areas for an enhanced look. We like these jeans for their tailored look and light weight durability.

6. Lucky Brand - 110 Slim Coolmax Jean

Meet the Coolmax jean from Lucky Brand - an easy going, stylish, and modern jean. These jeans are engineered from All Season fabric designed to regulate your temperature for optimum comfort. Cut to fit lean bodies, these jeans sport an athletic stance. We like these jeans for the clean stitching and eye-catching color.

7. Diesel - D-Strukt 069PT

Corduroy may be out of style for some but these jeans from Diesel, we hope, will change your mind. Whiskered for a versatile look, this denim is made from a blend of cotton, spandex, and polyester. We are fans of the deep color, matching hardware, and the classic red logo. Not everyone may appreciate this bold look, but those that do are sure to showcase their unique style.

8. Levis - 513 Slim Straight Men's Jeans

Levi’s is the godfather of denim and therefore any pairs of jeans from the brand are known to be tried and true. These 513 jeans are the classic slim fit jeans from Levis. Designed for lean figures, these jeans best outline the silhouette of athletic stances. Made with water saving technology, these jeans have been produced with responsibility and respect for the environment in mind. These are superior jeans at a fair price point.

9. Banana Republic - Slim Dry Indigo Traveler Jean

Banana Republic is not the first brand you would come to think of when shopping for denim. That being said, we would recommend you take a look at these slim fit jeans from the versatile brand. These jeans are comfortable due to the fabric which Banana Republic has named Travel Denim. Travel Denim ensures comfort and flexion from a soft touch fabric. We appreciate the unique and reflective look of this denim incorporated with the classic denim stitching.

10. Madewell - Skinny Jeans in Stevens Wash

These slim fit jeans from Madewell will be your next go to pair for everyday wear. Made from premium denim and treated with the latest advancement in fabric technology, these jeans are able to maintain comfortable stretch while maintaining authentic rigidity. Furthermore, the denim has been weaved for everyday flexibility. For the price point, we believe this is one of the best denim products around.

11. American Eagle - AirFlex+ Slim Jean

American Eagle has been one of the most successful denim brands to date. These slim fit jeans offer flexibility, stretch, and comfort at a fair price. Made from Ne(x)t Level fabric, a blend of cotton and elastane, these jeans maintain their structure while supporting significant stretch. American Eagle has also added a cellphone pocket for those on the go. If you are looking for versatile jeans at a bargain price there is no need to look further.

12. Joe's Jeans - The Asher

Joe’s Jeans has solidified their status as a denim brand who is capable of making high quality denim for every lifestyle. They have recently come out with this dark blue pair of corduroy jeans and they look incredible. These jeans feature easy stretch and texture that is a welcome addition to most closets.

13. GAP - Slim Jeans with GapFlex

These jeans from GAP are made for movement. Featuring a cotton Lycra combination these jeans are made with a minimum of 5% recycled material. We applaud GAP for taking the steps necessary to reduce material waste. We prefer these jeans in the soft jade color with the matching dark tonal hardware. 

Full List, In Order of Rankings






Ever Jean

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Calvin Klein

Slim Fit Osaka Jeans

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Rag & Bone

Slim Fit Dark Indigo Aero Stretch Jeans

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The Slim Fit Jean

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5. 7 For All Mankind
Airweft Paxtyn Skinny

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Lucky Brand

110 Slim Coolmax Jean

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D-Strukt 069PT

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513 Slim Straight Men's Jeans

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Banana Republic

Slim Dry Indigo Traveler Jean

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10. Madewell

Skinny Jeans in Stevens Wash

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11. American Eagle
AirFlex+ Slim Jean

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12. Joe's Jeans
The Asher

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13. GAP
Slim Jeans with GapFlex

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The denim market is packed with many brands. We have some more options for you to check out below. 

Amazon has been made their expansion to the clothing industry under the Amazon basics brand. These jeans made from a cotton and elastane blend provide reasonable stretch while maintaining the structure of the jeans. Amazon has designed these jeans by listening to the many reviews of products that customers have provided. They sought to remove customers did not like and kept what they did like.

These 484 slim-fit jeans from J Crew have a slim fit and a dark color. We like the contrasting tan stitching, thick material, and durability. Sourced from the renowned Cone mill in Greensboro, North Carolina, we applaud J Crew for their commitment to sustainability. With these jeans they have used 100% organic cotton, water saving technology, and carbon neutral shipping till the final destination. We believe that these jeans are at a fair price point for the quality of a product that is ethically produced. 

Check out these dark wash jeans from AllSaints. Made with stretch denim and cut slim, these jeans have a laid back look. We like the faded look matched with the dark distressed fabric and dark buttons. The fabric is a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex meaning that these jeans support stretch and movement. They simply are great for everyday use.

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