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Win this season by gifting someone a custom experience.

You have the option to add a personalized video plus a greeting from our CEO. Choose to have it shipped or emailed. 

Never expires. Covered by 60 Day Guarantee.

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We can ship it to the recipient directly or ship it to you - just enter shipping address during checkout. Upon unboxing, the recipient will scan a QR code to open a bespoke landing page with your video & gift.

Recipient will receive an email that links to a bespoke landing page with the gift and videos.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Christopher F.
A Gift Well Received

It’s always difficult to buy a gift especially with clothes but Sene made it easy and fun. This was easy for me and not only was the gift card with the short video gift card I recorded along well received but when the new jeans finally came for my daughter and they fit, she was extremely pleased. Who doesn’t like a great pair of jeans that fit out of the box! Highly recommended.

Follow Up

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Perfect gift

These were the perfect gift for my friend who has been struggling to find a great pair of jeans since having a baby. It’s tricky to shop and try things on with quarantine, but I knew she’d be able to find the perfect fit without leaving the house.

Awesome gift

I was able to take a video together with my son's childhood pet and put it in a gift card for a pair of jeans! How awesome is that? He will love it for sure!

I lurv it!

I have always been thinking to include videos on my digi gift cards during Christmas as I find it so personal and thoughtful! Thank you for this initiative Sene! <3 <3