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  • Four-Way Stretch
  • Double Vent
  • Lapel Pick-Stitching
  • Deconstructed Jacket
  • Horn Buttons
  • After Dinner Split ("V") On Waistband For Extra Flexibility
  • Functional Buttons Unlocked With Bronze VIP Status

Dual Core Polyester (50% Recycled/50% Virgin)


Do not iron. Steaming allowed

Machine wash cold

Do not dry clean

Hang to dry

Every FlexTech Suit is custom-made to order down to the quarter centimeter level of precision.  

Garments will be ready to ship in 2.5-3 weeks and you will receive a tracking number at the time of the shipment. If you need to receive your garment by a certain date, feel free to email us to confirm.

Your order is covered by our Perfect Fit Guarantee, which includes free remakes/alterations when you receive your order. If you don’t like it, return it for 100% moneyback.

If you ordered multiple suits and it's your first time ordering, we will make one item first to confirm the fit. This helps us avoid waste if you prefer adjustments. Once you receive your first version of that style, please email us back to let us know how it fits. Then we will expedite the production of either the subsequent items and/or the remake. But if you are re-ordering with your saved fit, we will make all of the items at one time. Also, if you ordered multiple items but they are different styles (i.e. one t-shirt and one pair of jeans), we will make all of the items at the same time.

Made from scratch to fit you

As part of our 1-to-1 model, we only make clothes if there is someone there to wear it. Items are cut from scratch and ship out in 2.5-3 weeks.

  • fabric-irl

    Custom-made for


  • fabric-irl

    Custom-made for


  • fabric-irl

    Custom-made for


All-day comfort

Your FlexTech fabric is born at the world's leading performance fabric mill based in Japan. They've been working with luxury athleisure brands since 1926.

Four Way Stretch

Doesn't get stretched out


Farewell dry cleaner. Hello convenience.

Innovative Comfort

Dual-core weave for durability and structured drape

Cold Wash, Hang Dry | Do Not Dry Clean Or Iron


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"I took the Smart Fit quiz from this LA-based startup and got a $595 custom suit that is nothing short of amazing."

What does custom mean with Sene?

Every order is made-from-scratch as part of our 1-to-1 fashion model where we only make clothing if there is someone there to wear it. 

Once you input your size info, we laser cut and hand-assemble each piece and ship it to you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 388 reviews

Love this suit. Purchased the three piece and black shirt for my Halloween costume this year. Fit is incredible, though a little tighter than I'm used to. Machine washable is certainly a bonus! Looking forward to adding another Sene three piece to my wardrobe.

I love my suit.

I actually bought another one in a different color along with a dress shirt. The fit is amazing. I'm lean, but muscular and wanted a suit that fits tight. I love the way it looks and it is beyond comfortable. No joke, I even shoveled the drive wearing the suit. Can't say enough great things about the look, style and fit.

Donovan Tampinco
Love my suit but please be patient!

I ordered my first suit, Italian Blue, in May 2023. I was going to a destination wedding in August and didn’t want to bring a “real” suit. I received it and had to adjust the pants. I loved the color and the fit.

I decided to order the grey suit in late June 2023. I was really hoping I would be able to get both to travel with. Alas, it didn’t work out, it came while I was on my trip after an adjustment.

I still got to rock the Italian Blue. Well worth it and love it, just be prepared to be patient if you want it to fit just right. Excited to see more cool colors down the line. 😁

Jeffrey Wen
I almost broke out in tears

I never post reviews; never. Let alone, posting myself in public. The fit of this suit exceeds all my expectations for formal clothes.

Knowing that this suit fit me perfectly right out of the box gave me a sense of joy that I've never had in formal clothing.

I will continue to purchase from Sene!

Victor Cobos, M.D.
Sene in Greece

I bought this suit for an upcoming trip to Greece. Packed it in a carry on. Almost wrinkle free.but that was easily remedied. The suit fit perfectly and was so comfortable. Will wear this often as a suit, or mix and match with other pants/blazers.

Soho FlexTech Suit